NY Daily News Offers Crime Photos for Sale

We noticed the New York Daily News is offering for sale crime pics of organized crime figures, among other criminals, as well as murder scenes, etc.

Those interested:

Daily News Pix Crime: Murder Inc., the Five Families, John Gotti, 'Lucky' Lucchiano, Son of Sam... the Daily News has all the unforgettable crime photos you are looking for. Order yours today.

Here's a couple we thought were interesting...

Army gives up Vito Genovese in Italy to
Brooklyn District Attorney's office to face
murder indictment. Genovese is shown
in patrol wagon on way to felony court
in Brooklyn
Carmine Galante shooting scene on Knickerbocker Ave. in
Brooklyn, NY. Restraurant can be seen on left side of street.


  1. And to think people thought I was wrong for selling loveletters from a Bonanno Boss, Underboss, and Gambino Underboss. - Belinda Rossetti


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