300,00 Viagras, 500 Oxycodones, Weed, 200% Vig -- Just Mob Business as Usual

More details were recently released from the criminal complaint filed against the Bonanno crew indicted on Wednesday.

The Bonannos have sold more than 300,000 Viagra and Cialis pills, with prices ranging from $5 to $20 per pill, according to the criminal complaint filed Wednesday when nine Bonannos were indicted with enterprise corruption -- the state's version of RICO.

During the takedown, officers found 500 oxycodone pills, two dozen boxed tablets of Viagra, and a large amount of marijuana in several of the mobsters' homes. Oxycodone is a highly addictive pain medication.

Bonanno Crime Family Tree (credit: Manhattan District Attorney’s Office)
The group also faces charges of usury — running a loan-sharking operation that charged 200% interest a year — as well as a gambling operation in Costa Rica which raked in almost $7 million in 230 days.


  1. According to DA Vance's press conference, also seized were at least a dozen fire arms all belonging to the crew members who have been taken down. The guns included one tech-9 machine gun, and a pistol. So what difference does it make whether this is Manhattan DA's office or Queens?

    In June, 2011 NYPD seized 18 UNREGISTERED firearms, including an Assault Rifle, a mandatory minimum of 1 year and up to 7, just on the Assault Rifle. But that was a Genovese associate, Anthony Macchirole, son of murdered Underboss Pasquale "Patty Mack" Macchirole. The Asst. DA that took the case from another prosecutor had publicly said he had been "friends" with the low-profile Mob-Attorney defending the POS Defendant at the time. The Defendant got 30 days, he had other charges as well and was a fugitive and convicted felon at the time of the arrest.

    Here's where some other "zero" will start posting and telling me to "shut up" etc. But I guess I shouldn't complain...about these wiseguys, I mean. All this and more enabled me to fill the pages of a novel, including 2 MURDERS. So I guess I should be thanking the Bonanno and Genovese families... "THANKS ZEROS!!!"

    I hope these guys get what is coming to them...long sentences. SANTORA? His life is over; even he knows it. And I'm not talking about the possibility of 25 yrs. Ha! That's the LEAST of his worries now! They just got something else...just watch the news! We'll see what happens...

    REST IN PEACE, JD. ~~~
    JD,Jr., if you're reading, your family will soon receive Justice...just wait a few more days. All the best to you... ~~~Belinda Rossetti

  2. Looks like a big smoke screen right now. I'll check back when they actually have finalized the charges and the government stops show boating.

  3. It's too bad that people can't be adults. It will always be "women" with no self esteem who's bitterness takes over their lives. They feel so worthless that they have to rant and rave about people they have never met in their lives. Their words don't matter, the person they hate is still that person, eating at the minds of the sad, pathetic ones. The sad and pathetic even lose sleep over them, that's all they think about and the one's they hate and post comments about? Don't care anyway. They're loving every minute of the attention. Let's feed the above poster's ego.

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  4. They should hire Greg D. Andres as a Defense Attorney - he's young but he's the best! He's defending white collar criminals now in private practice.

    The irony!


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