Gangsters Out: Exclusive Interview with Former Hells Angels President

George Christie talks about the Hells Angels, for which he founded and ran the Venture chapter
George Christie, former president and founder of Ventura chapter.

From Gangsters Out, an exclusive interview with a former Hells Angels president who was accused of cooperating with law enforcement, charges he denies....George Christie, a founder and president of the Hells Angels' Ventura Chapter (in California) wrote a book in response to those allegations. It will be released next month...

I recently found out that George Christie, long time President of the Hells Angels Ventura Chapter, was out in bad so I reached out to him and asked if he would do an interview. I can tell you one thing - this guy is the real deal. There have been other fly by night flashes in the pan that I refused to endorse. This guy I do endorse. Completely. He is what they meant when they made up the term old school. These new kids on the block have no idea what old school is simply because they've never been to school. We look forward to hearing more from him. 

They falsely accused him of cooperating with law enforcement after he left so he wrote a new book that comes out September 20th 2016 to set the record straight.

So when and where did you first join the Hells Angels?
I came around the Los Angels Hells Angels in the mid seventies, in 1977 I became president.

What was your involvement with the Ventura chapter?

I along with another member started the Ventura Hells Angels in 1978, and was president till 2011.

What is your new book about?
My book is about my introduction into the outlaw lifestyle, tenure as a leader in the Hells Angels and my departure from the club.

What is the history channel series about?

The History Channel show, Outlaw Chronicles was about my adventures in the outlaw motorcycle world....

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