Alleged Drug-Dealing Grandson Broke John Gotti's Cardinal Rule

Grandson of John Gotti.

John Gotti, Gambino crime family boss, never, ever conducted mob business in his home.

The reason was simple: he never wanted what happened yesterday to happen to him. The legendary mob boss sought to protect his family from anything related to that other world.

Yesterday was the first time ever that anyone entered the late John Gotti's Howard Beach home uninvited. And it was NYPD cops armed with a search warrant who gained entry and reportedly ransacked the place as per Operation Beach Party.

John Gotti, 23, and six others were arrested Thursday and charged with the illegal distribution of prescription pills in Howard Beach and Ozone Park, Queens over the past year.

The Queens District Attorney identified Gotti as the mastermind, alleging the Teflon Don's grandson/namesake was "the main seller of the organization (that) primarily sold Oxycodone pills for around $23-$24 per pill."

Gotti was recorded on a wiretap stating that he sold more than 4,200 pills a month for a $100,000 return. Undercover cops allegedly made 11 buys from Gotti, purchasing $46,000 worth of Oxycodone. He faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

That law enforcement had never entered John Gotti's Howard Beach home was confirmed by an FBI agent in a New York Daily News story, but a former Gambino crime family member told me about the significance of the search earlier today.

John Gotti's Howard Beach home.

John Gotti's grandson and namesake lives inside the house with his grandmother, John Gotti Senior's wife, and other family members.

"They destroyed the house," Gerard Marrone, the lawyer representing the grandson, told the News.

Said grandson apparently stored $40,000 in cash and 500 Oxycodone pills inside a safe located near his bedroom or inside it; news reports aren't clear as to which is the case.

The Daily News reported: "Retired FBI supervisor Phil Scala said the 23-year-old grandson’s reckless behavior in the House of Gotti violated a sacred rule."