Sammy the Bull Gravano Free from Prison


Salvatore "Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano, 72, the former Gambino underboss who flipped against one of the most infamous mob bosses ever, Gambino boss John Gotti, was released from an Arizona prison Monday.

Gotti and Gravano enter Brooklyn Federal court in May 1986.
He served nearly 18 years after his 2000 arrest for distributing and possessing Ecstasy after departing the witness protection program.

Gravano took the stand and helped the Fed's put Gotti and 39 other mobsters behind bars, creating openings for an entire generation of younger Mafiosi, for better or worse.

He in return served five years for admitting his role in 19 homicides.

Jerry Capeci, on Gang Land News today tied the Bull together with Gotti confidante John Carneglia, who was released to a Brooklyn halfway house this month, as we reported.

Next year, Carneglia and Gene Gotti will be released from prison. As it happens, both were identified by Gravano as being among the primary shooters in the storied Castellano hit in December 1985.

Carneglia "sidled up to Mafia boss Paul (Big Paul) Castellano wearing a tan trenchcoat and a Russian Cossack Hat on December 16, 1985 and allegedly fired the fatal shots that catapulted John Gotti to the top of the Gambino family," GLN noted.

He wasn't charged "even after (the) turncoat underboss... fingered (Carneglia) in 1991 as the gunman who killed Big Paul (a)long with Gotti's brother, Gene...."

Carneglia was found guilty of drug dealing in 1989. "As a result, prosecutors opted not to indict him for Castellano's murder after the controversial conviction by an 11-person jury and the staggering 50-year sentences the men received for running a drug ring that grossed millions of dollars a year were upheld on appeal," Capeci noted.

Gene Gotti "will likely be in a halfway house before Christmas."

Interesting that two alleged shooters in one of the biggest hits in Mafia history, and the main witness against them, who claims he was not only there when the shooting went down but had helped orchestrate it, suddenly after decades will all be free next year.....


  1. SAMMY'S HOME!!!! And there's NOTHING you can do about it.


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