Kardashian May Play Gotti 'Love Child' In Upcoming Biopic

Kardashian may play John Gotti's out-of-
wedlock daughter in biopic.
"Kim Kardashian is on the verge of scoring the role opposite John Travolta as John Gotti's daughter-in-law in the new biopic about the mafioso's life," TMZ reported.

Kim recently met with executive producers on the film to discuss the possibility of playing Kim Gotti in the movie, producers told the website.

But TMZ added that, "Nothing's been signed yet -- but we're told KK's a front-runner to land the role ... and producers have expressed strong interest in casting her ... to act."

According to My Fox NY, TMZ has confirmed that John Travolta will play late mob boss John Gotti and "127 Hours" star James Franco is under consideration to play his son, John Gotti, Jr. However, I do not see any signs of confirmation that Travolta will play the role; when it comes to the cast, nothing appears to be written in stone yet. In fact, Travolta's people have said that this is one project of four that Travolta is considering.

Fiore Films, LLC, a film production business that established operations two years ago and is located in Los Angeles and New Jersey, acquired the rights to make the movie in cooperation with John Junior Gotti. Fiore Films is owned by Marc Fiore.

According to Jerry Capeci's PPV ganglandnews.com website, Gotti Senior's "widow and onetime mistress each deny that John Gotti fathered an out-of-wedlock daughter, but the Dapper Don spoke glowingly about a 'precious' love child who looked like him during a videotaped jailhouse conversation obtained by Gang Land.

“ 'I ain’t seen her in over seven years, but she’s a doll, a precious little kid,' he told his brother Peter with a smile on January 30, 1998, less than a year before the Gambino crime boss would be diagnosed with throat cancer that ultimately caused his death in 2002."

The article later continues, "Gotti’s second family was no secret among wiseguys and law enforcement officials for years. The affair was also widely known. Two years before Gotti’s jailhouse chat with his brother, Gene Mustain and I disclosed in“Gotti: Rise And Fall” that the Dapper Don and Shannon were an item during the 1980s.

“She called Gotti ‘Papa Schultz’ – after Dutch Schultz, the heavily romanced gangster-about-town of an earlier New York. He got a kick out of the nickname, and other gangster girlfriends they met around town began calling him that too,” we wrote.

Interested parties can go to The Smoking Gun to see the video clip of an imprisoned Gotti discussing his daughter-in-law, Kim. The page also includes more information on the topic.

"Alpha Dog" director Nick Cassavetes is working on the script and will direct the film about Gotti, who was head of the Gambino crime family in New York City after Paul Castellano, who took the position following legendary crime boss Carlo Gambino, who died of natural causes in home in his own bed, in a state of grace, according to a priest.

Castellano was not so lucky. He met his demise after being hit in the head and chest by several gunshots in front of Manhattan's Spark's Steakhouse in December of 1985. His driver/underboss/bodyguard Tommy Bilotti, who was unarmed at the time, also was shot dead, his body supine in a puddle of bright red blood in the middle of Manhattan's bustling 46th Street, during rush hour a week before Christmas.

Gotti's last photo, taken on October 17, 2001, 
less than eight months before he died, at age
61. The image was released in response to a
FOIA filed by The Smoking Gun.
Castellano was known as a cheap, standoffish boss who cheated on his own wife, and would side against his own crime family, going as far as killing a Gambino capo because Vincent The Chin Gigante requested it. He did not earn the respect of his men, especially underboss Aniello Dellacroce's faction, many of whom believed Dellacroce should have gotten the top job instead of Paul.

Castellano had always been more racketeer than gangster, and was known for never getting his hands dirty. He was called insultingly "The Pope" behind his back and lived in a mansion called the White House on Staten Island's exclusive Todt Hill. (Ironically, the name Todt comes from the Dutch word for "dead.")

From the start, law enforcement suspected Gotti was behind the hit -- but it wasn't until Sammy Bull Gravano turned witness for the prosecution that it was learned that Gotti was actually parked right across the street in a car with Sammy Bull to make sure the hit succeeded. If it hadn't, Gravano, and possibly Gotti himself, would have gotten out of the car, guns blazing, to finish the job. But the hit men took care of things -- and disappeared into that cold December night.