Death Penalty, San Gennaro Discussed By Mob Candy on Mafia Talk Radio Show

"Plenty of times, the prosecutor on a mobster's case tries to push for the death penalty, but almost every single time, they never get their way. There have been a few cases in the news lately about this, and so we take the topic on," writes the Mob Candy Mafialife blog.

"On this week's Mafia Talk Radio, we discuss how we feel about the concept in general. Should mobsters be getting the death penalty for what they do, when they get caught?

"And, did you know the pressure has gotten thick for the people behind the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, and the 18th Ave Feast in Brooklyn? Looks like you will not be seeing any mob shirts, or tribute to the mob entertainment in any way. It seems the Italian American special interest groups are strong arming with the usual tacts, and putting a stop to it. This show we discuss how we feel about that. Especially since we are opening up a new cafe on 18th avenue this year, called ‘Mob Candy Cafe’.

"And, did you know there was a slight change to tradition when being ‘made’ in the mafia? Well, your gonna have to listen to the show to find out what that change is, but let’s just say it involves some nudity."

Listen to Mafia Talk Radio Show #5 here -- scroll down to last broadcast to hear the show.


  1. the mag mob candy isnt any good for fact or to quotei bought 2 and found so many things that are not true or wrong wouldnt buy it with your money


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