A Refresher in Mob Terminology

For readers who need to brush up on their Mafia terminology, here is "All the mob-related terms you've heard, but were afraid to ask about," writes WWLP.com, providing a wealth of words and their definitions in alphabetical order.

Associate - A person who is not a made member of a crime family, but still works for them.

Boss - The leader of an organized crime family. The top guy.

Borgata - A criminal gang. An Italian term referring to an organized crime family. Example: The Gambino Family is one of the five borgata's in New York. It's also a Sicilian term for a hamlet.

Button Man - A made member, or official member of an organized crime family. Getting ones 'button' means you are inducted into the family.

Capo Regime - aka 'Capo.' The Captain of a crime family. This person falls under the Boss, Underboss and Consigliere, but is a ranking member of the family that controls several made members and associates that are under him."

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  1. This guy really got paid to go through books and list words? Let him figure out "dunsky," then go light a candle that he's got a job.


  2. I agree, Santino! But I'd do it myself for a handful of greenbacks!!!

  3. Unfortunately I got a little bit o' 'ho in me when it comes to using my writing in any way that pays off... though I certainly don't get a dime for running this site...


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