Mob Wives – Episode 9 Update via Vh1 Blog

"At their next meet-up, Karen presents Drita with the first chapter of her book and Drita pulls a 180," writes Vh1 Blog.

"It makes sense for her to want to protect her kids from anything in there about Lee, but Drita refuses to even read the thing. She gets more and more agitated as time goes on, finally telling Carla that the book is a betrayal.

"'I was the only person there for her when everybody hated her f—ng face,' she says. 'I still think in my head that I should have smashed her face against the granite.'"

"It doesn’t stop there (God bless Drita’s angry rants, we learn more creative ways to talk smack about people thanks to her). She says of the situation, and the fact that Karen was with Lee, “Someone from twenty years ago that he banged is definitely not coming into my life and giving me a f—ing headache…I absolutely do not trust Karen.”

"Which means that yes, there will indeed be a throwdown next week during the finale... "

We at CNNews believe Karen, who has that Sammy Bull gene, is a manipulator. One hundred thousand to one there is something in that heap of pages that Karen put in there about Lee to deliberately upset Drita.

To extract and somewhat alter a quote from True Grit, which we recently watched, "We hope Drita caves Karen's f---ing head in." From the previews for next week, it looks like she might. Drita is a hardbody who works out; Karen is an ugly blob of pus with a lying mouth.