With OTB Gone, Mob Bookies Positioned for Big Payoff

Looking for a sure thing at Saturday's 143rd running of the Belmont Stakes? writes the New York Daily News.

Bet on organized crime and illegal bookies to win, place and show a bigger profit at the first Belmont since Off Track Betting shuttered its 54 New York City betting parlors in December.

"Where there is money to be made, the mob is most certainly there," one veteran Bonanno family soldier said of the chance to cash in on the Triple Crown race.

"They were taking bets when OTB was operating," he continued. "And I'd bet — no pun intended — that they have been taking bets on this race for weeks now."


  1. only the city of New York could turn a sure thing into a suckers bet

  2. Decades ago, when bookmakers actually took bets, everyone around them prospered. They spent money in restaurants, clothing stores, jewelry shops, and car showrooms. Neighborhoods they worked blossomed, as did Manhattan legendary areas like Broadway. NY State strongarmed its way into the business by locking up bookies then promising voters that they could use that money for education. Instead, they sucked the money out of areas and turned them into skeletons of their former selves, and stole all the money for their own bureaucracy, cutting education all the way. Had they not been greedy, and licensed gambling, like Vegas, maybe citizens would have reaped the benefits they promised. Happy to see them fold. Don't let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.



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