Mob Killer Loved His Mom

 "He was a cold-blooded killer convicted of carrying out four murders for the Gambino crime family, but former Howard Beach resident Charles Carneglia also had a soft spot for his mother, according to a new book written by a New York Newsday court reporter who covered Carneglia’s racketeering trial for the daily paper, reads a review of the book Mob Killer on Your

“Mob Killer: The Bloody Rampage of Charlie Carneglia, Mafia Hit Man,” published by Kensington Publishing, details Carneglia’s connections to the mob underworld, including John Gotti Sr., the late Gambino don.

“They saw him as the last of an era — the old Ozone Park crew that Gotti had and he was the last loyalist,” said author Anthony M. DeStefano, pointing out Carneglia did not turn on any of his fellow mobsters even as they betrayed him, leading to his arrest during a mob sweep in February 2008 that picked up 138 reputed mafioso.

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