Whitey's Woman: Loyal to the End

From an early age, Catherine Elizabeth Greig knew the life of a moll. By about 20, she had married a Boston firefighter named Bobby McGonagle, joining a family with close ties to a gang that was part of the Irish mafia in their South Boston neighborhood. Violence and shootouts were not uncommon as gangs warred for control of the rackets, reports the New York Times.com.

Greig was arrested with Bulger in California. The poodles were, too.

McGonagle was wounded in a gunfight in 1969. One of his brothers was killed that same year, and another in 1974. McGonagle blamed  James (Whitey) Bulger, a member of a rival gang, for both murders.

McGonagle and Ms. Greig divorced a few years later, and she became involved with Bulger, more than 20 years her senior.

"It was a sign, perhaps, that if she could overlook his possible involvement in the deaths of her two brothers-in-law, she could overlook a lot more," the article added.

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