What Caused Agent Cuts After Big FBI Mob Bust?

Earlier this year, the FBI made an unprecedented bust, reports an article on Top Secret Writer by Dennis Dufrene.

The Bureau, along with the NYPD, conducted a massive raid that resulted in the FBI mob busts of 127 known mobsters and included 16 indictments.

The FBI and the NYPD held a press conference to somewhat boast about this operation. And boast they should. The Federal charges ranged from illegal gambling to extortion, racketing, narcotics trafficking and even murder.

It was an FBI mob bust that law enforcement could be proud of.

However, barely six weeks after the historic bust, the FBI began cutting the number of agents in its organized crime units by 25%.

This move has left many law enforcement officials and citizens asking…why?

Poorly Timed Budget Cuts?

The official reason from the FBI for making this move is budget cuts.

However, a 25% cut seems a little drastic; especially given the fact that the agents made the FBI mob bust only weeks prior.

These cuts will take away two squads, leaving three units to investigate the five crime families. According to most officials, this will be a nightmare.

Former FBI Supervisor, Lin DeVecchio, stated:

“Logistically, it’s very difficult for one squad of agents to work two families. There should be one squad per family. Even if you had to cut the size of the squad, it makes more sense to me have one squad for each family.”

Most experts in Law enforcement agree with DeVecchio’s sentiments.
Feds Attempt to Cut Jobs Quietly after FBI Mob Busts

Not everyone is on board with the budget cut line. One reason for suspicion is that the FBI was so ready to go public with their historic bust, but was being extremely quiet about cutting their squads six weeks later.

Not only does the quiet nature of the cuts bother many people, but the sheer size of the cut is cause for alarm.

These cuts will leave about 45 N.Y. FBI agents to investigate nearly 700 mobsters and another 7,000 associates. There are many who think that this move is in favor of the mob, and believe that the mob families themselves had something to do with it.

They maybe on to something.

According to Mafia chronicler Selwyn Raab, “New York’s five Mafia families have taken advantage of every FBI cutback.”

Raab cite the 1980′s cutback and the 9/11 cutback as clear proof. In both cases, when the FBI slashed the Organized Crime Branch, the mob families came back stronger and the Bureau was left trying to catch up.

Could this poor move by the FBI point to some underlying mob influence, or is it just a simple case of bureaucracy at its best?


  1. It is apparent this article was hatched from one of the agents being relocated or forced to retire. If the government is looking to cut something that is telling us possible two things one there is really no need for it or money is getting really tight. Lets look at the 127 arrested earlier this year, how many of the 127 will go to jail, how many will be indicted, the cuts were in place last year if you ask me and the 127 arrested was a way to show the public the FBI arrested all the bad guys so there is no need for all these agents in NYC, maybe the government is starting to look at the fact these so called 5 families are not as bad as other crime families Russian and other immigrant gangs. No matter the reason I am sure of the 127 there are a dozen or two of bull shit charges just to make the number look big, if agents are needed on other area's you think they should be transferred or should the government cave to this bulling in the press that NYC is in danger because the government cut a few jobs, the article says that the criminals had something to do with the cuts, this statement a lone should tell you someone is unhappy with the cuts is very unhappy personal, they forgot it's just business sonny just business it's not personal. Personal I think agent shouldn't be assigned to a set of people just to make a case on, if thats not entrapment then what is, here is a set of people we believe will brake the law go make a case on them. Reading some past articles it sounds like agents are not needed but operators to take calls for people wanting to tell on someone else, multi able people wanting to tell on one person or one possible crime, why or any agents needed then. The government spent 10 plus million convicting a man already serving the same sentence he will given, with no possible change, I understand the government had to make a show of loyalty because the criminal wanted to hurt one of there own, but 10 million dollar lesson is a little expensive wouldn't you agree.

  2. By the way that Killer low life was Greg Scarpa, who im sure they will be making a Movie soon, and make this other creepy agent look like a hero,and they gave this Rat millions over the 30yrs he was a Rat.

  3. Ndrangheta is coming.

  4. To first commentor, seeking info about the writer of above post. Here is his bio: Dennis Dufrene is the resident historian and technical writer. With this background, Dennis brings insight and accuracy to the stories published here at Top Secret Writers. Dennis has 183 post(s) at Top Secret Writers

    go here to see more: http://www.topsecretwriters.com/2011/06/did-mafia-connections-trigger-agent-cuts-after-fbi-mob-busts/


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