Momma Gotti Defends Travolta in Sex Case

Up ya nose with a rubber hose. Travolta a gay sex harasser?
"So what if he's gay?" mob widow Victoria Gotti is quoted saying in the U.K.'s Mail Online.

Mrs. Gotti, widow of legendary New York gangster John Gotti, launched an impassioned defence of the actor amid claims that he sexually harassed two three male massage therapists and a cruise ship worker.

She is doing so because it would seem she is a staunch defender of gay rights; well, it's either that or the fact that Travolta, 58, is set to play her husband in an upcoming film. Maybe both reasons?

The latest developments in Travolta's gay sex scandal  are not looking too good for the actor who gave us such memorable films as "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease."

Just as one of the original accusers had begun pulling out -- no pun intended -- a third stepped forward, and unlike the others, even named himself.

Reports the Mirror Online: "Former massage therapist Luis Gonzalez said he spent an afternoon with the ‘Pulp Fiction’ star at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel, California, in 1997."

He is quoted as telling the National Enquirer, that paragon of journalism excellence in the U.S.: "He’s a great kisser. I know because I had sex with him and he loved it."

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Don Carlo didn't pat gays on the ass, but he used their
alternative lifestyles to put food on his table. A lot of food.

From an historical perspective, the Mafia is known for two contradictory impulses when it comes to homosexuality. First, they are an equal opportunity criminal organization: They will steal from anyone, gay or straight, black or white. The other impulse is they feel intense animosity toward gay made guys, who are typically quickly executed once their secret is out.

But when it comes to forming partnerships with non-Italians, I have heard that there is one ethnic group the mob does prefer to do business with over others -- namely Jews, as one fella informed me over a light lunch one rainy Saturday.

I will give my goodfella friend the name of Paulie Cazzo, a fake name, as anyone who understands Italian would probably guess pretty quickly. I am recalling our conversation from memory, but it pretty much went along these lines:

"My father loved working with Jews," Paulie told me.

"Why is that?" I asked. He thought I was Jewish; I kept reminding him I wasn't, because I started to feel guilty by not correcting him, like I was lying to him or something. But he'd always forget, and the next time we'd meet, I am Jewish all over again. I stopped reminding him. These days he calls me Meyer as a nickname (I am actually half German/half Sicilian).

He told me, "Well, if you work with an Italian, you gotta watch, 'cause he wants his cut and your cut. But if you're working with a Jew, he only wants his cut, and only after he knows you got yours and you're happy first." Make of that what you will: I report, you figure it out.

Carlo Gambino was known as a major supporter of gay nightlife back in the 1940s-1950s, when homosexuals were considered deviants just because of their sexual preference. But as one Mafia expert pointed out, it had nothing to do with politics or sexual/civil rights. Gambino knew homosexuals tended to be wealthy professionals -- doctors, lawyers and accountants -- and also tended to be highly susceptible to blackmail. This was because they typically lived double lives: a straight one, with a wife and kids, and a second one that usually consisted of one-night stands facilitated by quiet gay establishments.

As the expert pointed out: "Carlo didn't walk into those places and pat people on the ass. He didn't really care about their lifestyle. All he cared about was supporting his own lifestyle."

The mob's view on homosexuality radically changes, however, when the homosexual in question is an inducted member of La Cosa Nostra.

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