Rizzuto's Return

Will Rizzuto retire or fight a war?
From About The Mafia:

Seems like reputed Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto has finally returned home to Montreal after being released from a U.S. prison nearly two weeks ago and flying to Toronto. A credible law enforcement source has given information that Rizzuto returned to Montreal during the past week and attended an appointment in St Leonard. It is still unknown as to what the appoint may have pertained to. Rizzuto was said to have met with organized crime figures from NY during his time in Toronto and many wonder if he could be planning to take back control of the Montreal underworld which he ruled before going away.

Rizzuto still owns a luxury home in Montreal on Antoine Berthelet Ave also known as “Mafia Row” in northern Montreal. Montreal has been the base of operations of the Rizzuto Family for decades while Vito and other family members headed the mafia in Montreal. Rizzuto went to prison for his role in the 1991 murders of three captains from New York’s Bonanno Crime Family. While in prison a Montreal mafia war began and his son Nick Rizzuto Jr and father Nicolo Rizzuto were both murdered along with other high ranking members of the crime family.

Many wonder if Rizzuto could be planning to take back control of the Montreal underworld,
 which he ruled before going away.

Now all eyes are on Rizzuto to see what the next step is in his long running criminal career. Most believe that:
  • he will either choose to retire and accept that his reign as head of the Montreal Mafia has ended and others are taking control 
  • or he will look for revenge on those who were responsible for killing his family [members] and try to take back control of Montreal and rebuild his fallen crime family.


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