Gov Christie Leads NJ Toward Legal Internet Gambling

The Borgata now allows guests to gamble on the TVs in the rooms.
New Jersey, driven by its enormously popular Gov. Chris Christie, has made a great stride to make gambling so easy that "you don't even have to get out of bed," as put it in a recent article.

This week marked the debut of a new "amenity" that the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is offering its guests: the ability to gamble by way of the television set in their very own hotel room.

Called the "E-Casino" program, it enables some guests to set up electronic accounts and gamble up to $2,500 a day by way of their boob tube. Slot machine and video poker games are the spearhead of an eventually larger -- probably much larger -- offering.

The casino has reportedly said that the technology can be expanded to include gambling over any hand-held device located on the casino's property.

This new program was authorized by the state of New Jersey, with full Internet gambling -- meaning, never mind the casino -- up for state-approval next.

One of the Borgata's VPs, John Forelli, said the amenity is actually meant to help make gamblers familiar (and at ease) with the concept of  electronic gambling from electronics accounts for when Internet gambling comes to the state at large. New Jersey. Although Gov. Christie last week vetoed an Internet gambling bill, he said he'd sign one of some slight modifications were made.

The bottom line:  The New Jersey legislature is expected to approve Christie’s proposed changes on Feb. 26, which means he'd then only have to put his signature on it.

I plan on digging into this and finding out what other states are doing about Internet gambling (and I am also interested in what modifications Chris Christie wanted made), as well as what the chances are of New York approving it, as well as the U.S. of A. as a whole.

So head's up; you'll see more about this here... and if a nationwide bill is ever approved, you will probably see A LOT more about this here...


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