'Nervous Wreck' Pia Denies Leaking Nude Photos

From the The Daily Sizzle:

Racy photos of "Mob Wives Chicago" cast member Pia Rizza surfaced on the celebrity gossip website TMZ early Monday with the headline "I'm leaking my own NAKED PICS!"

Rizza, reached by phone Monday morning, insists she didn't leak the two photos and she has no idea who did.

"I'm a nervous wreck," Rizza said. "I just want my side of the story out there: I did not send them these photos. I don't know who did."

Rizza, a former dancer at Vip's "gentlemen's club," does know who took the photos: She did. She snapped them last year and texted them to a Chicago ex-boyfriend to get his opinion on whether she was fit to run in the pages of Playboy magazine -- an idea she toyed with while shooting the VH1 show.

She says she dropped the idea of trying to get into Playboy because of all the flak she got from her fellow "Mob Wives" about being an exotic dancer.

"The girls were being terrible to me about dancing," she said. "I figured why do more?"

The TMZ story says Rizza learned someone was trying to sell the photos "to various media outlets" so she decided to make a pre-emptive strike and release the photos herself. Reads the story: "Pia tells us...the pics somehow got into the wrong hands -- and someone was trying to sell them without her permission. Pia says she wanted us to post the pics for two reasons: 1) She doesn't want anyone making money off HER image. 2) Yeah, she wants Playboy to notice."

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