Heist at JFK Nets $1.2M in $100 Bills

From the Associated Press:

FBI agents were investigating a report that about $1.2 million disappeared from a shipment of cash flown from Switzerland to New York City as part of a banking transaction, authorities said Tuesday. The U.S. currency — all $100 bills — was reported missing on Monday after a count of the money at the Federal Reserve came up short.

The shipment had arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday afternoon aboard a Swiss International Air Lines flight, said FBI spokesman J. Peter Donald. The FBI is investigating whether the cash disappeared from a cargo hold in Zurich, where Flight 17 originated, or sometime after it landed. The JFK airport's operator, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, declined to comment on Tuesday.

In an email, the airline also said it could not comment due to the ongoing investigation. But it added it had "no indication that any valuables were removed from a Swiss International Air Lines aircraft" at JFK.

Sound slightly familiar?

We won't say another word...


  1. way to get'em jimmy. there will be a cosa nostra
    a thousand years from now

  2. I know I should be rooting on the side of the law, which is why I will post anonymously, but even I have to laugh when I see things like this. "Anon #2", your comment made me laugh so hard. You know, Louis Werner got out of prison in 1994 or so. Wonder if he's working for JFK again.

    What's really funny is that Swiss International is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, which makes is comical. If Marc Suhr goes to work driving a Lamborghini in the near future, then we'll know how this happened. Only kiddin', only kiddin' ya Marc. By the way, their lounge (Swiss Int'l Airlines) is the nicest of all of JFK.

  3. Ok, so it wasn't Marc Suhr. Although definitely an insider. Here's a good video:


    Great website by the way.

  4. Great video -- check out the ABC News link in above comment, folks; I beat them to the Goodfellas connection, though, as the date/time stamp shows... had to get that in!


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