Jack Falcone Speaks With Cosa Nostra News

Jack "Falcone Garcia"
It's not every day that we get a phone call from someone like Joaquín "Jack Falcone" García, but it so happens that we did today.

We got his take on what's going on in the mob these days. The fellas are everywhere, despite all the big busts and trials, and the endless parade of informants you read about in the newspapers. With the FBI focusing on so many other types of crimes (terrorism being key, of course, plus cyber crime and other things), it seems the fellas are running wild.

The mob has been here for over a hundred years and its tentacles are into everything.

We'll explore that in more detail on this blog when we post the story.

If you haven't read his book, "Making Jack Falcone: An Undercover FBI Agent Takes Down a Mafia Family" you are missing out on a lot of good stuff.

Jack was an FBI agent who pulled a Donnie Brasco on the Gambino family, penetrating deep into the ranks with capo Greg DePalma as his mentor. And that was only part of his career!

I speak with a lot of types and I have to tell you: Jack is a great guy -- a nice, caring individual, and it comes through loud and clear in the way he speaks to you.

Check back, tonight or tomorrow -- it's gonna be a good read, I promise you!

Until then, here's some video of Jack talking about Cosa Nostra:



  1. Completely fascinated by organized crime stories. No idea why, but it grips me.

    1. Me too! Don't know why. And I sell tabletop products! Fascinated by Nazis too, from an historical perspective and I'm Jewish.


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