Alicia DiMichele BLASTS Renee Graziano via Twitter

 The Eye : Fashion & Style: "Renee Graziano may be feeling a certain kind of way towards her "Mob Wives: New Blood" costars, but apparently the unsettling feelings between the cast is mutual.

"After Renee recently criticized her co-star, Alicia DiMichele, for her decisions to join the show when she was facing jail time, Alicia took to her Twitter to retaliate, Examiner reported.

"They Claim to live by the 'Code' but still #alwaystalkings**t," Alicia tweeted on March 4."

I didn't write the following; a reader emailed the ALICIA BLASTS link to me and included the following stream of conscious story, which I liked and asked his permission to publish... "Luchey" refers to "Luchese" family, I should point out as some can't seem to decipher...Also, I did edit it to fit the blog's voice but realize I probably shouldn't have; I can't claim credit for another's work...

Who cares, right???

Seems to us that a certain reality show has been hitting overdrive working the PR front, for some reason -- must be a reason, like sis Graz 1 wasn't happy with how sis Graz 2 filmed/edited her; however the sisters may be up against a pair o' brothers not even their dad in his heyday would wanna mess with -- that would be, yes, the Weins bros -- talk about some tough Jews...

Also, anyone notice Hottie Natalie on the memorial show, or what's-it-called? Reunion show, one week after last episode....Nat, the WHORE! LOL!,  was saying that thing about "c'ming over" and "cuddling" out in the Las Vegas that Bugsy didn't invent.... His name wasn't Bugsy, but it wasn't Ben or Benjamin, either. Anyone know Siegel's first name? The one he was born with???

Anyway Nat mentioned a text about someone who might fly both ways. Nothing wrong with that, and it was denied on-air...and kinda correlates with something another website posted in a part 1-type story, only we don't think they did the part II. Maybe they was muscled by a mob wife...

It was kind of sad and stuff, watching them on a web video that was released as a hyperlinks on a press release. Certainly they could've gotten a bigger forum than that, but maybe they wouldn't have been able to control the message, not bring up certain things a competent journalist might have brought up.

We find it ironic that all this cozening went on while Junior was on the stand trying to convict for life the two men who were with him, Junior, when he, Junior, shot and killed a Luchey associate. 

Hector was a former Luchey assoc, and he must be a shooter; and as Little Lou said in Camorra Italy, last night, we bet Hector's shot a gun before and we bet that those guns he's fired have "bodies" on them, not just poor man Donovan (family guy too, with a little daughter--not right, dammit).

Damn shame - but we think the robbery was meant to go down with the hit alongside, I mean, why shoot a dude who is running away like Junior did, since the dude dropped the money first? Why do that?

Did anyone think of that?

Here's why, maybe: Dono-V was a Luchey and Pagan was a former Luchey and Pagan's Godfather, TG, is on the shelf.... Yep, Hector was a Luchey until he got hitched to sis G.... We're dying to know who the dude was that Hector shot at after Renee got out of his car.... N' good for TG! You marryin my daughter, then we transfer you. I'm her dad and a piece of all your loot is going in my pocket, no one else, especially not a Luchey... Lucheys had the power we heard back in them Albanian days, too. Only reason the Rugrat organization got swept off the street and sent to the joint, we heard, was cause Luchey's had had it with em and were gonne wipe em out, old school style -- shoot em dead in the frigging streets.... so refreshing them bad old days, when a gangster could be a gangster...........

End of tirade, heading out.... it's Friday night for Crissakes....


  1. I like this website, but i could care less about these $5 hookers...They talk trashy, look trashy and act trashy...And they all look 10 years older then they are..And sadly, I think they have delusions that they're pretty...Even if one or two of them actually were, they ruin it when they open their mouths...They're a;; cheap broads....Bar chicks ya bang and never see again !!!

  2. Mob wives is a joke! Renee talks about having a sitdown with someone, she makes all kinds of threats -- gimme a break! The sad truth is mob wives are the most used and abused people in the world. We call em -- I'll say here out of respect to Mr Scarpo - mushrooms, keep em in the dark and feed em shit. Mob wives spend most of their marriage alone or with the kids while the mob husband is out on the street or in prison. We have all the power in the relationship, we control em like marionettes. they do whatever they are told. And the sadder truth is, gorgeous young women with brains, careers making a fortune, fall in love with us all the time.... We can step out with a babe anytime we want. They are literally attracted to us like flies. I don't know how but it's like they can sense it when we walk in a bar or nightclub. They abuse themselves for the privilege of being with the likes of me. I have a heart, I do feel sad for them sometimes when I hear things, but, hey, I get over it. We're all adults. Maybe it's a daddy thing or maybe its something from out prehistoric ancestors that makes them wanna be with the tough guy, the man, the man's man, who stands up.....

  3. Renee should Be The Philly Mob Boss!!! She Got More Balls Then These Rats!!!!!,,,,,,


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