Legendary Mafioso's Daughter Pens Memoir

Linda Scarpa

"Ready or not here i come... ready to share my secrets... my story..."
--Linda Scarpa

If you smoked pot with this 14-year-old girl back in 1983, you had a major screw loose.

That's because the girl in question is Linda Scarpa. Her dad, Gregory Scarpa, was also known as "The Grim Reaper." 

One of the most violent mobsters to strut through New York's boroughs, Scarpa was a chief assassin for imprisoned mob boss Carmine Persico during the 1990s Colombo war.

Scarpa, who also served as a high-level FBI asset for years, hunted down the stoner and administered a beating probably recalled to this day in palpitating nightmares.

The boy's father, apparently not knowing anything about the man who beat his son to a pulp, drove to the Scarpa house to demand an apology.

Scarpa grabbed the kid by the arm and hustled him up a flight of stairs to Linda's room. 

He wanted her to see the kid's face, puffed eyes barely open, swollen lips.

"See, this is what happens when you give my daughter drugs," Scarpa told her. "Little Linda" never again smoked pot.

Psssssst: In an FBI agent's 1970s memoir, which included fake names to protect some identities, one of the mobsters was actually Greg Scarpa.... Do you know the name of the book and the character based on Greg Scarpa?

Available now for pre-order, The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter is published by Pinnacle and was co-written with Boston Globe reporter Linda Rosencrance. The 320-page print edition is $7.99 -- the Kindle ebook $7.95. The book includes 16 pages of photos.
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  1. She's a cougar isn't she. I can say that now that the grim reaper is gone 😁

  2. I wish her the best!

  3. Should be quite a read. Linda has no reason to lie about her father's legacy or omit things.... I can't wait to read it....

  4. Obviously I prefer to stay under the radar, So I wont say much. However I, know she's a good person that deserves a break. Every vulture around cashed in on her Father's story, but her. I hope it works out!!!

  5. Will she be on Mob Wives season 6?


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