Inside Dope on Colombo Family's Michael Persico

Michael Persico

This arrives directly from Kenji Gallo's Breakshot Blog:

This Tuesday another man who has lived the mafia life will face a judge and be sentenced for his crimes: Michael Persico.

This so called “mafia prince” never had to get in the trenches to get his hands dirty. He was born into power and ordered others (who were not born into the ruling class) to do his work for him. He lived the life of privilege, wealth and power that comes with being mafia royalty. A position he never earned. He was able to live the way he did because of the murderous reign of his father Carmine.

Michael Persico was never an inducted member of the Colombo Family, yet he held the power of life and death. He held a position that was higher than the capos in the family. He was able to amass wealth from the family. He was the conduit to his father, imprisoned-for-life Boss Carmine Persico. He held the purse strings for the Persico Family. When his brother Allie Boy was locked up and his ex-wife decided move on with her life, Michael was in the the thick of it. He took calls from his brother. He met with men who had one purpose and that was murder. He took part in the murder of Michael Devine who was not part of the life. Michael Devine had nothing to do with the Colombo Family or the Mafia he was a civilian. He was shot to death in his car on Staten Island because he loved the wrong woman and that woman happened to be Allie Boys ex-wife.

Michael Persico got away with murder for 18 years until another Colombo soldier decided to change sides.

Tuesday Michael Persico will only face a maximum of 5 years. He has had a battery of high priced lawyers (that none of the family soldiers would ever be able to afford) delay the sentencing for 3 years.

One of the tapes the FBI used to bring the racketeering charges against Michael was made by Steve Marcus who Michael gave a $100,000 Shylock loan. Steven was partners with Teddy Persico and Eddie Garofalo in the trucking business on Staten Island.

Eddie has already taken a 7 year deal and Teddy took 12 years. The two people who really gained the most but face the least are Michael Persico and Alicia DiMichele. They both got great deals for pleading out.

The enterprise could not have functioned without those two.

Maybe the judge will grant Michael Persico his wish and let him take back his plea deal. Send him to trial where he will face murder and racketeering charges.

Teddy Persico will emerge from prison ready to continue on in the family tradition because that is what he knows. Eddie Garofalo, whose father was a big man in the construction industry in New York until he was murdered in front of his Brooklyn home by Sammy the Bull’s crew, continued on in the footsteps of his father regardless of his father’s fate. The Gambinos wanted to take away Eddie’s business after his father was murdered, but Teddy stepped in the argument. Teddy told them to let the kid earn a living. Once Teddy and I were talking about a guy who bad mouthed Eddie for not doing anything about his father’s murder. The guy was talking about using a gun to get revenge. Teddy said what was he supposed to do? He was a kid. Fight the whole Gambino family? A few years later Eddie was in a bad spot because nothing happened to him after I wore a wire on him. The Colombos wondered why nothing had happened to him as a result. I wonder also.

I hope more guys continue to get out of the life. Maybe more will see that it leads to a dead end. There are no happy endings in the Mafia. There are no exceptions to the rule.

The Colombos need to take notice of how Michael lives and how many lawyers he has and how he was able to post millions in bail. Then they need to look at what they have for themselves. Michael, and those like him, live off the blood and sweat of others.