Mob Museum Spotlights John Alite

John Alite recently took to the podium at Las Vegas's Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.

He offered an Author Talk spotlighted on his collaboration with acclaimed Philadelphia-based journalist George Anastasia, who wrote Gotti’s Rules: The Story of John Alite, Junior Gotti and the Demise of the American Mafia. In an even, somber tone, he voiced his experiences and perceptions as an associate of the Gambino crime family during John Gotti's reign.

John Alite speaks at the Las Vegas Mob Museum.
Alite's presentation was provided free of charge with museum admission (and for museum members). A video of the presentation can be viewed on this story's jump page.

As the Mob Museum's blog noted:

The book details Alite’s life, from a lower-middle-class youth in Queens to his bleakest moments surviving in the filthiest, most corrupt prison in Brazil. But the book’s primary goal is to provide an inside look at the Gotti family and how it operated. Alite, a brutal brawler in his Mob days, does not pull any punches in the book either. 
“The Gottis . . . were a dysfunctional group of Mafia misfits who wrested control of one of the biggest crime syndicates in America and tore it apart,” Alite contends. “Nepotism, greed, and treachery replaced honor and loyalty when John J. Gotti took over.”...
"He was released from prison in 2012, and today he’s striving to put his criminal past behind him. He chose not to enter the Witness Protection Program or live outside his home turf of New York and New Jersey. 
“I wanted to live my life on my terms,” Alite says. “Knowing I could be killed any minute is normal. I’m used to it. It doesn’t affect the way I live.”

The Mob Museum today is at the forefront of providing exclusive and original content via its venues as well as its blogs.

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Mob Museum content development specialist Jeff Burbank recently noted the release of  The Patriarca Papers, nearly 10,000 pages of FBI files regarding the boss of the New England Crime Family.

The website, GoLocalProv will release portions of the files on a weekly basis.

As GoLocal reported:

For the past year, GoLocal reporters and editors have been working to gain access to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) file for one of America’s most infamous criminals and one of Rhode Island’s notorious favorite sons - Raymond Patriarca.

Launching on August 3, 2015 and continuing over the next few months, GoLocal will be releasing the FBI files in segments - with expert insights and related documents - each Monday. This weekly series is being called, “The Patriarca Papers.”...

FBI files unveil hundreds of connections, alleged crimes and business partners of Patriarca that have never been disclosed before in such detail.... 
The FBI materials begin in 1954 and continue into the 1980’s....

This week's entry was  FBI Files - The Patriarca Papers - Entry 5