Check Out Cosa Nostra News's eStore

Check out Cosa Nostra News's online store for books, films
and other mob-related items you may find of interest.

(Comments are working now. If anyone has a problem commenting, please shoot me an email. 
(Also the store itself is fixed -- if you already looked at it, you probably noticed the margin problem. That's fixed as well...)
I'd like to invite you all to stroll inside my new eStore. The store is open 24/7 -- that's right, it never closes -- and you can drop by anytime by clicking on the above tab or right here: Cosa Nostra News eStore.

Books, films (on DVD and on-demand) and other products of interest to anyone who reads this blog are available in Cosa Nostra News's estore.

Also feel free to recommend any items I may have left out (if you've written or read a Mafia-related book you think I should include, please feel free to leave me a comment (when you are able if you can't right now). Also, please keep in mind....

I don't necessarily recommend these books and films, etc.

While I certainly love many of the items available in the store, they were mostly chosen based on subject matter.

 And once again, if you sell a product and would like to see it included, give me a shout....

 Yours truly,

 Ed Scarpo