Insider: John Alite Talks Terror, the Mafia

John Alite has been talking terrorism laterly

John Alite, former Gambino crime family associate, offers part two of his discussion centering on "the link between the Italian Mafia, ISIS and how buying drugs lines the pockets of terrorists."

"They both work off the same methods, which is fear and laundering money from drug sales," Alite said.

He notes that terrorists he met while in prison seemed to be "misfits, insecure and vulnerable when brought into" organized terrorism groups.

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"Their mentality is warped," he said of the terrorists. To hear the rest, watch his video on The Insider Magazine. (Video embed was unavailable.)

To see part one, see below video.

In other John Alite news, here's an article from the Huffington post by Peter Lance, the journalist who wrote the forward to Shadow of My Father (by John A. "Junior" Gotti), see below, right.

The title of Lance's story kind of says it all -- but Alite is still around so I don't think this investigation amounted to much: Letter to Judge prompts investigation by the U.S. Probation Office into allegations that former Gambino associate John Alite violated the terms of his Supervised Release.

Who is John Alite?
I know some of you may be wondering this -- and may even be embarrassed to ask now.

Well, no need to be embarrassed here.... Alite testified in the last of John A. Gotti's trials.

From a prison in Brazil, he debuted in a New York courtroom as the star witness.

Yet Gotti still won the trial -- the judge declared a mistrial once he realized that the jurors were solidly deadlocked on the verdicts.

It's amazing that the courtroom didn't catch fire, so intense was the New York/global media's spotlight on this trial, as well as on each of the Gotti trials.

One especially tense moment occurred, however, when Gotti grew furious at Alite and had what some newspapers desribed as an outburst that led to both men having words.

It must have been quite a scene to have witnessed live. Sure wish I had....

The trial in U.S. District Court in Manhattan broke for lunch. The jury had departed the room. Alite walked out of the courtroom. And boom! The two nearly started throwing punches right then and there...

Judge Kevin P. Castel warned both men that they would be in contempt of court if there was another nasty encounter.