ISIS, Fear Rome As Well...

The hate manual, titled The Black Flags from Rome, ranks several of Italy's Mafias as ISIS militants' most feared adversaries.

The book mentioned in this story, which is the source of the allegations mentioned below, probably is a hoax. I'd like to know: Who published it? It seems too consumer-friendly, and in my mind appears more like the fraudulent efforts of a savvy marketer, assisted by attention-seeking newspapers. Perhaps ISIS itself is perpetuating a hoax. These suicidal murderers have an affinity for propaganda. So let us move under the pretext that this "manual of hate" truly exists....and accept this at face value....

New ISIS propganda details a "brutal plan to march through western Europe and take control of Italy" claim new reports.

The hate manual, titled The Black Flags from Rome, ranks several of Italy's Mafias as ISIS militants' most feared adversaries -- yet the group seems unaware of Rome's own homegrown Mafia.

The Black Flags of Rome is a 100-page book that reportedly "details how the death cult are bent on bringing humanity to the brink of destruction – so they can impose their tyrannical way of life on everyone."

The Daily Star Online reported that it had gotten a hold of a copy, which the Star claims reveals the group's "terrifying apocalyptic vision for our future."

The book also apparently came about as ISIS threatened more terror attacks in Europe in film footage that was edited to include the late British actor Oliver Reed.

To be clear, we're not talking about the American Mafia here (though they may benefit in minor ways from this kind of propoganda).

Also note this isn't coming from Giovanni Gambino, though some newspapers couldn't resist calling him for a quote. This in fact isn't coming from any Mafia group. Rather, it's allegedly ISIS's own apparent perception of Italy's Mafias.

The Black Flags from Rome book stated: "There is no doubt that if Muslims want to take over Italy, the Islamic State European fighters will have to ally with other militias to fight the Mafia before the conquest of Rome.

ISIS apparently doesn't fear Europe's national armies, including its tanks and troops, but instead is "too scared" to launch attacks in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Campania. (The naming of these specific locales is attributed to a "security official". It's not clear if he's basing this on what's written in the Black Flag manual.)

It so happens that the region's the Jihadists expressed concern about entering happen also to be the birthplaces of Italy's major Mafias: The Sicilian Cosa Nostra, Apulia's Sacra Corona Unita, the Calabrian Ndrangheta and the Camorra, based in Campana, near Naples.

Supposed excerpt from the book:

"In Italy, the Mafia already has a strong presence. 
"They will most likely be the most powerful militia within Italy and take advantage of a weak Italian government. 
"Right now they have access to the underworld, they trade drugs and weapons in Europe." 
The Islamic State European fighters will have to ally with other militias to fight the Mafia before the conquest of Rome....

The book also disclosed details of a plan to march on the Vatican "and raise the ISIS flag from the home of the Pope," according to the Daily Star.

It seems Rome is the ultimate prize, yet this group of terrorists seems oblivious to Rome's own Mafia, which Italian law enforcement uncovered in December, 2014, describing it as the "fifth major Mafia group."

From The Independent (December, 2014):

Recently, evidence has emerged of a major new Mafia-type organisation in the Rome seaside suburb of Ostia. 
In the city itself, Rome’s chief prosecutor this month ordered 37 arrests in a bid to decapitate what he called the Mafia Capitale... 
Significantly, after years in which factions of the established Mafia groups have fought Roman turf wars, Mafia Capitale appears to have cooperated with ‘Ndrangheta, and the group’s leader, an ex-member of a far-right terror group was in the past linked to the city’s own Magliana gang of hoodlums – made famous by the TV drama Romanzo Criminale.
... Mafia groups are becoming more international in outlook. ‘Ndrangheta, however, has taken this approach to new levels with its domination of Europe’s cocaine trade. This year, a report written by 20 anti-Mafia experts, including senior prosecutors, said that lax EC regulations against money laundering meant that Mafia groups were benefiting from globalisation while “in contrast, EU states are suffering the consequences.”

ISIS is known to have taken over the operations of some organized crime groups in other countries.

Reports have noted that ISIS-linked jihadis are helping to flood Britain with marijuana after seizing control of a  $4 billion drug ring in Albania.