Mafia Exposed Website Shuttering "For Now"

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It's with regret that I write this post based on a recent announcement that the Mafia Exposed website is closing down, "at least for a while," noted founder/blogger Carl Russo.

But on the bright side, he's keeping the blog alive on social media, where he plans to probably more actively post than he did on his blog.

There are different theories but the prevailing wisdom is that there's no such thing as competition between blogs. In fact, the more blogs covering a given topic, the better it is for all of them. 

Farewell, but please return for the sequel.

So I'm certainly hoping Carl and his Mafia Exposed blog return soon... here's what he's written:

AFTER FIVE YEARS of posting articles about Cosa Nostra and related photographs, it’s time to unplug Mafia Exposed—at least for now. I find it difficult to keep a regular schedule of producing these pieces, which require long hours of research, translation, and editing. It’s also quite expensive to make my archive of photographs available online, and to keep the whole thing free of advertising.

Mafia Exposed, however, will maintain a web presence onTwitter, Facebook and Google+, so please follow me there. If anything, I’ll post more frequently than I have on this blog, in shorter form that leaves me time to pursue other projects (some crime-related, others utterly unrelated). I feel the birth pangs of another blog or website for the near future, so please stay tuned via social media.

For now, I thank everyone who has purchased my book, come to the signings, contributed to the conversation, and offered hot tips about Mafia ne’er-do-wells and their families.... Lights will dim around February 10 or so.

Carl please hit me up if you're ever interested in guest blogging at Cosa Nostra News. And let me whisper in your ear again: Calabria.....!!!  Please keep in touch. I love your writing about  Giallo films too...