Mob Wives' Star Cleared of Assault Charges

Drita D'Avanzo....

"Mob Wives" star Drita D’Avanzo’s assault charges were dropped last week, the Daily News reported, "after her victim declared omerta and refused to cooperate with prosecutors, officials said."

She declared omerta.... right...

As noted, D'Avanzo, 40, was busted for fighting at Mary Bratti's Amboy Road home in Staten Island's Tottenville section at about 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 10 in what had all the markings of a classic celebrity-gotcha setup.

D'Avanzo punched Bratti, 38, a former chef, in the face in what was supposedly a fight over a parking lot space. Then Drita ran like hell and was later caught and arrested.

As Cosa Nostra News pointed out, Bratti had asked the Staten Island Advance for money before she'd provide information about the case. The Advance said that since it didn't pay for editorial, the deal was a no-go. Then, later that same day, TMZ reported [not noting the negotiated dollar figure] that Bratti was exclaiming to the highest bidder that her family was living in fear, terrified of Drita and her husband Lee.

(Did TMZ duke her a little more to get her to go with the "fear" story? One of my colleagues asked me that when I discussed the case with her.)

Bratti reportedly provided TMZ with the full video of her and Drita exchanging blows. 

Bratti told TMZ "the brawl got so heated she later passed out from pain, and a CT scan at the hospital revealed a minor concussion."

"... Bratti says Lee D'Avanzo frequently uses her reserved spot outside her home. She also claims he's been harassing her since the fight. Bratti plans to request an order of protection, and she's having home security cameras installed."

The Daily News reported that the Richmond County District Attorney’s office "was preparing to go forward with the case but Bratti refused to cooperate, a spokesman for District Attorney Michael McMahon said."

"She refused to cooperate".... Speculation has it that Bratti already got what she wanted: money, courtesy of TMZ.

“After speaking with the complainant, who indicated she did not wish to cooperate, and based upon our evaluation of the evidence, our office determined it cannot prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and has subsequently declined to prosecute the matter,” spokesman Douglas Auer said. 

“Ms. D'Avanzo has been notified that she is not required to come to court.”

But wasn't the event videotaped? Or what was that crap I posted in that other story?

D’Avanzo is Lee D’Avanzo's wife -- a former bank robber who served a couple of bids and would fit the description of a "half-ass wiseguy."

On “Mob Wives” Drita was known as a “sexy firecracker” who often got into fights with co-stars, the New reported.

I called her an "Albanian firecracker," Daily News. My term,,,, As Don Rickles famously said to half of Hollywood: "You're pissing me off..."

From Daily News story published on March 30:
Things got so heated during the filming of the sixth and final season, which is now airing on VH1, that several of the cast members refused to work with her. Bodyguards were hired in case a fight broke out, sources said.

From Cosa Nostra News's story posted on Feb 11:
Apparently the VH1 reality show gets so heated, some cast members reportedly have refused to work with Drita. In fact, bodyguards were hired in case a fight broke out, sources have said.

Hey Daily News, you want to learn from me about Cosa Nostra give me a live link like I give you...or I start reading the New York Post....

PS:  Now one blog noted that during an interview with AfterBuzz TV, Drita revealed what her relationships with Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo and "nemesis Karen Gravano were truly like before the series began."

"Those are not my friends," Drita said about the three ladies. 
Drita went on to say that Renee was simply her friend's older sister, whom she knew in passing. She said she hung out with Karen "for like a year or so" when she was 19-years-old. For Carla, Drita said she did not know her "from a hole in the wall." 
Despite not having a friendship with the other ladies, Drita said she decided to join "Mob Wives," because she had been told the show would be much less drama-filled. 
"Everything I thought the show was going to be was not," Drita said, before stating she was told the show would be about women empowerment. 
Drita also confirmed that Renee, Karen and Carla are not actually friends, but they faked it for the show. 
"Everybody's so f**king fake. They're not actresses, but damn they're good," Drita explained, before adding, "I feel like they're just all a bunch of opportunists. They will make like they like each other, hang out to get ahead. They will kiss a**. I am not that person." 
Drita said she has tried to expose the women for their lies, throughout the show's six seasons. She even said Carla actually hated Renee and Karen and revealed what Carla used to say about them. 
"Those are fat, old women. I'm older than them, I look better than them. I would never associate with those losers," Drita recalled what Carla said about Karen and Renee. 
Drita also revealed that, during the reunion, she caught Karen in several lies. However, Drita confirmed that these scenes had been edited out. 
"It's very hard for me. I proved points and facts of what a liar Karen is, and they took it out," Drita stated. 
Despite her frustrations towards the alleged lies of Karen, Renee and Carla, Drita revealed she was not surprised they were fake, because all of the ladies of "Mob Wives" were casted to battle Drita
"Anybody casted on this show will tell you the same story. You could speak to everyone on this show, and they will tell you, if you hate Drita, or you'll make up lies about her or go against her, you'll be on this show," Drita revealed.
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