Acting Luchese Boss Faces Meldish Murder Charge, Gang Land Reports

UPDATED: Federal prosecutors in Manhattan say they've got the goods to nail Luchese crime family leaders for racketeering crimes as well as the murder of former Purple Gang boss Michael Meldish.

Meldish, 62, was shot to death in 2013 while seated in his car. Alleged shooter Terence Caldwell was sitting in the passenger seat when he fired one bullet into the right side of Meldish's head at close range.

Matty Madonna is in prison.

Based on evidence, including DNA and surveillance footage, alleged getaway driver Christopher Londonio, who'd tailed Meldish's dark blue Lincoln Town Car to the scene of the hit, in the Bronx's Throgs Neck section on Ellsworth Ave., then drove off with Caldwell in his Hyundai.

Today, Gang Land News reported, as per sources:
Prosecutors will ask the grand jury to indict (Matthew "Matty") Madonna, 81, for ordering the Meldish rubout that defendants Christopher Londonio and Terrence Caldwell allegedly carried out on November 15, 2013."

Madonna had previously copped a plea to 2010's Operation Heat case involving a multibillion-dollar gambling ring and a prison-smuggling ring, among other charges. He's reportedly due to serve around five years. Law enforcement had previously described him as a "person of interest" in the Meldish murder probe.

Gang Land this week also reported that, as per some sources, Madonna outranks Steven Crea. Madonna is the acting boss and Crea, 69, is the Luchese crime family's official underboss.

As per other sources, "Crea's and Madonna's specific mob titles vary depending on whom you ask and when you pose the question, but sources agree that the duo is running the crime family for imprisoned-for-life boss, Vittorio (Vic) Amuso."

Both mobsters "are the main targets of a long-running grand jury probe that resulted in last month's indictment of two underlings for the Meldish murder."

While Madonna faces a murder charge, Gang Land reported that it's "doubtful that Crea... will be charged with any complicity in the murder.

Gang Land also noted that the Luchese crime family, according to prosecutors, "is heavily tied to Westchester County."

The site reported that Crea's son, Steven (Stevie Junior) Crea Jr., 45, also was a target of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's White Plains Division. They plan to seek an indictment for Stevie Junior on racketeering charges, too, from the White Plains empaneled grand jury.

Crea Jr., who lives in Yonkers, has never been arrested for a crime, the site noted. Law enforcement sources describe him as a "made man" (a Luchese soldier, specifically, according to the FBI).

He's allegedly tied to criminal activity in Westchester County.

Last year, a former mob associate testified that he was Stevie Junior's partner in a Bronx-based gambling operation about 10 years ago.

Steven Crea Jr.

Turncoat Anthony Zoccolillo, who starred in the reality show Mama's Boys Of The Bronx, informed on nearly 30 mobsters and drug dealers, implicating them in 2013 without having to testify in Manhattan Federal Court. He departed for the Witness Security Program.

He returned to testify in Manhattan Supreme Court at the enterprise racketeering trial of Bonanno capo Ernest (Ernie) Aiello and three others, including Nicky (Mouth) Santoro. Linking Aiello to Bonanno crimes was Zoccolillo's goal.