Our Inaugural Podcast: John Alite Unfiltered....

I could write a story using his information -- I have been doing it that way forever. Thing is, you can't hear him. I mean him, not the guy being interviewed on television, but the guy himself....

This is a podcast I filmed. It's a voicemail from John Alite, one of three he left me, consecutively while I was attending a birthday party.

You can hear the beep cutting him off. In part two, he picks up right where he left off. You will hear parts two and three, as well.John was reacting to a story I'd written. Since I hadn't written anything about John in some time, I wasn't certain what he was reacting to. In time, I realized it was a story I'd promoted on Facebook -- somehow, someone alerted John to the story -- and he was angry after he read it.

John and I spoke for the first time back in January of 2015. Jimmy Calandra hooked us up. I believe that first phone call was a conference call, with me, Jimmy and John all talking.

I'd written about John Alite previously. I had heard about him before John "Junior" Gotti's trial when a former brother-in-law told me a story in which John Alite figured prominently. That's how I knew John was for real -- he was considered a threatening figure in the 1990s. I don't care what anyone says, that's true. The best I could figure is that Ronnie One-Arm, or someone with Ronnie, was using John's name to threaten people. One of those people was my brother in law, who went to prison for a few years like he was supposed to.

Since that first phone call with John, we became friends. Now I have been told I am not supposed to be friends with my sources. I say that's bullshit. Journalists are friendly with sources since time immemorial. How do you think journalists in any field develop sources -- sources that lead to scoops. It can be in any news category. Washington DC I can guarantee you journalists dine with top politicos every single night of the week.

I don't really care about any of that -- I just mention it for some context.

At the end of this, there's list of some of the stories I have done with John; many more stories will follow.
By the way through Jimmy, I met John, through John, I met Michael DiLeonardo. Once you make the right contacts, you are in. However, making those contacts is extremely difficult. Now I am working on stories with Sal Romano, even. I have spoken to a whole range of guys, as regular readers know. I have spoken to a great many off the record. Some of them, you wouldn't even believe. 

I spoke to a boss -- not one who flipped, either. A sitting mob boss......  I can't write anything based on our conversation -- I made that promise. I don't break my promises (especially not one to a Mafia boss!).

My approach to content, how I produce it, is to offer you a window inside organized crime. I wrote a book with Dominick Cicale. I write stories with every source I can. Now, I am trying to deliver to you a unique experience. 

I hope you find the series of podcasts interesting.

At the very least, I know you won't be bored!

John Alite Blasts Mob Hypocrisy, Junior Gotti