Big Ang's Sister Wages War on Mob Wives Reboot; Did Renee and Natalie Guercio Bury the Hatchet?????

It could've been a scene on reality television... Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano and Carla Facciolo, star  of the VH1 cultural touchstone Mob Wives, which was cancelled, pay  a terminally ill Angela (Big Ang) Raiola a hospital visit. Big Ang debuted in season two and early on was a fan favorite...

Mob Wives from season six who likely will appear on proposed reboot
Where are our favorite ladies from the last season finale?

At some point during the hospital visit, Big Ang told the two women, from her hospital bed, what's highlighted as a seemingly selfless and rousing admonition. 

"The show must go on," she said ....

Big Ang was suffering from cancer and died after filming of the sixth and final season of Mob Wives in 2016.

That's the scenario described in a recent Staten Island Advance report.

However, Big Ang's sister, Janine Detore, blasted the Mob Wives reboot in an interview of her own, as well as a YouTube video, below. Detore, owner of the Country Mouse, a children's clothing boutique, didn't mince words, telling Mob Wives, "Good luck with your show, but leave my sister out of it."

"My sister, when she was dying, was concerned about her family. She left two children and five grandchildren, and a lot of brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews. We have a big family," she said.

Detore said she wanted her sister to be remembered "for all the good things she did in her life. My sister took in strays, she gave people money and clothes, she took people off the street and gave them food to eat. My mother was the same way. It's just how we were brought up. She looked like this big tough girl, but she wasn't like that. ...She was warm."

Mob Wives is definitely not returning to VH1, Graziano told Page Six. And the show's revival will be shot in all the boroughs and beyond, not just on Staten Island.

News of the Mob Wives reboot came to light in early December.

Jen asked me to be on it ['Mob Wives']
I was like, 'that is really, really behind me.' 

It's "too early" to divulge the particulars of the upcoming reboot, Graziano told the Advance. She added, "I have some really great interest."

Graziano may be attempting to generate press coverage about a reboot, so she can meet with producers and mention "all the great press coverage" etc. That said, some of the women who've been on the show did get calls from Jennifer about appearing in a reboot. So there's that....

Graziano knows how to work the press. Recall during the show's run, she won a lot of press coverage by talking about expanding Mob Wives into Philadelphia, Chicago, and Florida.
The Chicago show didn't have a very long run, apparently due to bad production decisions, and the other two brand extensions never materialized.

Mob Wives did add members from Philadelphia, however. And both may appear on the alleged reboot. Alicia DiMichele is interested in starring on the reboot, based on social media posts. And, despite our initial report, based on social media posts, it also seems that Natalie Guercio and Renee Graziano buried the hatchet, and not in the other's head, thankfully.

Natalie Guercio  

Guercio and Renee started off as besties. Natalie modeled for Renee's allegedly trademark infringing Mob Candy line. (Renee ought to learn ways to tamp down her crazy when the cameras are running.)

Mob Wives probably marks the first and only time a true ranking member of the Mafia was shelved because of a reality show. Back in 2012, the Bonanno crime family had ended TG Graziano's Bonanno crime family affiliation. Shelving a made member strips him of rights and privileges.

(We have heard from sources that TG is very sick. If true, our thoughts and condolences are with the Graziano family.)

We know who we won't see on the reboot. Drita D’Avanzo.

Drita D'Avanzo told the Advance that she has no plans to return. In an interview, D'Avanzo noted her problems with how the show depicted her as "always angry."

She will be appearing in Celebrity Shore alongside former Jersey Shore stars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley. Drita's basic feeling is that without Big Ang, it ain't Mob Wives....

Jennifer Graziano had called Drita to be part of a relaunch of the show, Drita said.

"'Mob Wives' is so behind me. I'm doing 'Celebrity Shore' and I'm in the middle of selling my own show. I'm no longer a mob wife. When that show died, that died too. Jen asked me to be on it ['Mob Wives'] and I was like, 'that is really, really behind me.' I want to let go of that whole negative world, and I don't even want that connected anywhere to my name," she added.

In other "Mob Wives" business, Renee Graziano, 48, recently departed rehab. Again? Wasn't that one of the major plot points in season six?

Page Six noted that Renee is reportedly enjoying time with her new grandson, Anthony John Graziano, who was born after she entered a Florida treatment facility for depression, the report said.

Drita to Mob Wives: No, thanks

DiMichele has businesses to promote. And legally, she's in the clear.  No judge can stop her from traveling as she pleases, capiche? She should be on any television show that comes her way.

Alicia, left, Natalie

As for Janine Detore, she has serious problems with the reboot. (We're certain we don't know the whole story but we'll take it at face value.) In the YouTube video, she goes quite a bit further, tearfully warning members of the show not to portray her sister in demeaning ways. 

"Leave Angela our of it or tell the truth about the last sit down."

"Which one was a Mob Wife? Renee? Carla? I want to know which ones of you were...."

"Leave Angela out of it or say the truth about how you treated my sister. You want me to tell everybody what you did to my sister at the last sit down."

She threatened to reveal behind-the-scenes gossip and happenings. "Trust me, you'll find out what they did to her," she noted.

She has particularly harsh words for Carla Facciolo.

"You need soap, to wash your dirty soul. Whoever is fans with you is just as stupid as you are. Let's tell everyone how you were, you housewrecker. Let's tell the truth about my friend Tonimarie."

She has animosity for Karen Gravano, too. Gravano called Big Ang a rat. Talk about pots calling kettles black.....

Janine lost her sister. She's hurting.  If i were a part of this potential reality show, I'd certainly find time to personally meet with her. 

And no one should forget the "mogul" who was instrumental in making the show a force on VH1: The widely reviled Harvey Weinstein.