Victoria Gotti's Turn? Another John Gotti Biopic Is In The Works

A noted soap opera actor who has played a mob boss on General Hospital for 25 years will play John Gotti, the late former boss of the Gambino crime family, in an upcoming Lifetime TV biopic titled  The Victoria Gotti Story.

Dapper Don daughter Victoria Gotti

As per a report, General Hospital's Maurice Benard has been cast to play the Gambino crime family boss in the upcoming Lifetime TV biopic The Victoria Gotti Story.

The actor shared the news on Instagram, writing: "Thank you Lifetime and everyone involved 4 a Beautiful opportunity."

Little else is known about the film, though as per the website, "It appears to be written by Victoria Gotti, daughter of Gotti. It is unknown if the film is about her or her mother, who is also Victoria Gotti."

Victoria Gotti, the daughter, has written several books, including This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti.

We'd bet the show focuses on Victoria, the journalist/author, but we can't confirm of course. Will the memoir serve as source material for the biopic? It could, but we'll find out in due time.

She's also written about medical issues, Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse, as well as The Senator's Daughter, and Superstar. And of course she figured prominently in the reality show Growing Up Gotti. But she's also appeared in episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Apprentice, and one or two Mob Wives.

Victoria was married to Carmine Agnello, with whom she had three sons, Carmine, Frank, and John. Vicky's ex is a complicated man, as we've noted. ("Does he get in the backseat of the car and think someone has stolen the steering wheel?" the Dapper Don himself once said of him.) Though Mikie Scars praised his shrewd business acumen, we have always been baffled by Carmine Agnello, especially his predilection for acting like a dime store thug. As for his notorious pathological hatred of parking tickets (Agnello repeatedly engaged in fistfights with uniformed police officers over the slips of paper), we fear that particular phenomenon will forever remain enigmatic.

Victoria and Carmine divorced in 2003, and her father died in prison in 2002.
General Hospital's Maurice Benard has been cast to play John Gotti.

Earlier this summer the Gotti biopic starring John Travolta was released. The movie chronicles the rise of the infamous boss of the Gambino crime family. The film spans three decades and featured Spencer Rocco Lofranco as Junior Gotti. Kelly Preston played Victoria, John Gotti 's wife.

Critics panned it.

We wish Victoria success. Growing up in New York, we saw her quite often on the news defending her father. It was heartbreaking to see any young woman lose her father like that .....  (And yeah, to be honest, we always thought she was quite the bangin' beauty, too.)

 We'll be updating this story periodically today...