REPORT: Luchese Wiseguy Stevie Crea The Son Has Good Shot At Beating Mob Murder Wrap

 What does the son of reputed Luchese family underboss Steven Crea have in common with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who recently accused now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of attempted  rape in the 1980s?

Stevie Wonder Boy, arrested in the 1980s for murder.

Both passed a polygraph exam administered by retired FBI veteran Jeremiah Hanafin.

The younger Crea’s polygraph responses were “not indicative of deception” to questions about his involvement in two cases, including a reputed mob murder up in the Bronx. Hanafin reportedly has performed more than 2,500 polygraph exams during his 24-yearlong FBI career.

So reported New York Daily News journo Larry McShane in a breaking news story in which he also noted that this is “the latest bit of good news” for Crea, 46, who was released on $1 million bond in August after a White Plains federal judge blasted prosecutors for not having the goods to back up some of their claims regarding what is considered the last mob hit. Crea has been under house arrest since getting out. He’d served 14 months prior to his release.

Crea “has always maintained his innocence, and the polygraph was administered at the client’s urging,” defense attorneys Joseph DiBenedetto and Seth Ginsberg told the News in a statement.

The lawyers also hoped that Crea’s polygraph results will help sever his trial from that of his four co-defendants — a group that includes his namesake dad, “Stevie Wonder Boy.”

“In a multidefendant trial, the government can throw dirt in the air and hope that some of it sticks to everyone,” the defense lawyers further noted. “We want to ensure that any case against Mr. Crea is based solely on evidence that pertains directly to him.”

Michael Meldish, 62, a former boss of New York City’s Purple Gang, was shot to death in the Bronx in his car in November 2013.

Both Creas were charged, plus a federal indictment also accused them of plotting to whack Bonanno family associate Carl Ulzheimer in 2012 after he allegedly showed Crea senior the sharp side of his tongue, a numbskull move.

Crea Senior, 71, remains locked up in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center pending his court date.

Getting house arrest is unusual, to put it mildly, for an alleged wiseguy indicted for murder...

Cooperating government witness Frank Pasqua had previously blamed the Meldish murder on his own father, as the judge has noted in court. She had previously suggested that prosecutors needed to link Crea to the crimes rather than just to the crime family.

The defendant didn’t rise to the rank of Mafia capo “without understanding what mobsters do,” Siebel said at a January 2018 hearing. “But your status as a mobster is not enough to detain you on grounds of dangerousness.”

Vincent Bruno, 34, was among the 19 reputed mobsters arrested in a May 2017 sweep that targeted what has been described as "the Lower Hudson Valley's most notorious organized-crime figures," a roster that includes the alleged Luchese underboss.

Bruno and other members and associates of the Luchese crime family were charged in a nine-count indictment for involvement in offenses including racketeering, murder, attempted murder, narcotics trafficking, and gun crimes. Some of the Luchese mobsters named in the indictment are charged with the 2013 execution murder of Luchese associate Michael Meldish in front of his Bronx home.

Six of the 19 in the indictment are from Westchester County. Crea's son, Steven Jr., a New Rochelle resident, was charged as an alleged captain in the Lucchese crime family. Paul (Paulie Roast Beef) Cassano was one of two reputed mobsters from Yonkers caught up in the sweep. The other is Joseph Venice, identified as a soldier in the family.

Also charged were Robert Camilli of Briarcliff Manor and John Incatasciato of Elmsford.

Bruno pleaded guilty to attempted murder in aid of a racketeering conspiracy oneptember 13) before United States Magistrate Judge Paul E. Davison. Specifically, he pleaded to attempting to kill, and conspiring to kill, a Bronx man described as a Bonanno associate, in 2012.

Crea ordered Bruno and alleged Yonkers mobster Paul "Paulie Roast Beef" Cassano to kill Carl Ulzheimer, a Bonanno crime family associate who lived in the Bronx in 2012, according to the Feds.

Specifically, the Feds have alleged that in 2012, "armed members and associates of the Bonanno Family of La Cosa Nostra forced their way into a Bronx social club controlled by the Luchese Family." During the ensuing confrontation, Ulzheimer, a Bonanno associate, "acted in a manner that a leader of the Luchese Family, Steven L. Crea perceived as a personal affront. To avenge this supposed offense, Crea Sr. ordered his son, Steven D. Crea to have the Associate killed." Crea Jr. passed the order to Paul Cassano and Bruno. On a subsequent night, the two traveled to Ulzheimer’s Bronx residence, where Bruno, hefting a pistol, tried to find Ulzheimer and kill him, but failed.

"The dispute between the rival families was then resolved before the murder was carried out."

Bruno, 34, pled guilty to one count of attempted murder in aid of racketeering, and one count of conspiracy against the United States. In total, the counts to which he pled guilty carry a maximum sentence of 15 years. He will be sentenced before Judge Seibel.

In conjunction with the attempted murder of Ulzheimer, Cassano pled guilty to attempted assault in aid of racketeering in 2017. Crea Sr. and Crea Jr. are also charged with attempting to have Ulzheimer killed and other crimes, and are scheduled to begin trial before Judge Seibel in 2019.

Stevie Crea, left, Matty Madonna

Gang Land News last month described it as the "biggest Mafia trial of the year — in White Plains Federal Court, that is" and added that it will feature "one of the best mob turncoats that the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office has had in years, along with another snitch who has been a total dud..."The

Turncoat Bonanno capo Peter (Petey B.S) Lovaglio is the total dud; he singularly was a "flop" at Philadelphia mob boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino's February trial.

Capeci, in the same August story, noted that Bruno's effort to kill the Bonanno associate "was the focal point of several embarrassing misstatements that prosecutors ... made about evidence they had against Stevie Junior Crea, Bruno, and soldier Paul (Paulie Roast Beef) Cassano during several bail hearings."

Specifically, "prosecutors wrongly told two judges" that the FBI had tape recorded Bruno admitting his involvement -- along with the involvement of the Creas and Cassano in a failed plot to whack the Bonanno associate. The Feds also misstated a date, which put the plot "within the five-year-statute of limitations for the crime." Also, prosecutors incorrectly claimed there had been more than one attempt.

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