Long Island Town Gets Federal Subpoena Reportedly Targeting Genovese Mobsters

The FBI apparently is probing Oyster Bay, Long Island, for Genovese crime family activity.

A Federal subpoena seeking records related to alleged members of the Genovese crime family was sent to Oyster Bay Town Hall on Monday, Newsday is reporting.

The request was “very broad” and asked for “any records” of the people named. (Newsday didn’t print any of the requested names. No information regarding what specifically is being investigated is available.)

“Names that they’ve asked us about seem to tie into the Genovese crime family,” Deputy Town Supervisor Gregory Carman Jr. told Newsday. He added: “There are no members of the Genovese crime family that I know of that work for the town.” 

Two plainclothes FBI agents reportedly took a trip to Town Hall shortly before noon yesterday, staying for all of 10 minutes. Upon departing Town Hall, one of them flashed his FBI identification in response to a reporter’s inquiry. The reporter, presumably, was a Newsday reporter. The agent also referred questions to the FBI press office, though calls to the New York City FBI press office were not returned yesterday, and former Daily News reporter John Marzulli, now a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office, Eastern District, declined to comment, Newsday noted. 

We'd be remiss not to mention that John (Junior) Gotti reportedly bought a $750,000 home in Oyster Bay Cove for him and his  family in 1999. The house featured a built-in pool, a Jacuzzi, and a stable and paddock.

Gotti supposedly was going to put the leafy mansion on the market in 2007 after burning through more than $1 million in legal fees (plus tax-lien payments).

Many mobsters have lived on Long Island.

Carlo Gambino had a summer house in Massapequa, which is where he was when he died in 1976 after watching a Yankees game.

High-ranking mobster Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli lived in Farmingdale, Long Island, until his 2012 conviction in Brooklyn federal court. He ran a crew of shooters who were known to also bury their victims in Farmingdale. We profiled Tommy Shots: Long Island Mobster Buried Victims in Farmingdale.

Tommy Shots right and  Dino Calabro.

In May 2016, several Long Island-based members of the Genovese crime family were arrested in a larger sweep of members and associates of the Genovese crime family who were charged with an eight-count indictment that included a conspiracy to murder Genovese mobster Joseph Bonelli. The defendants also were accused of extorting businesses, running protection rackets, and operating a sports betting and bookmaking operation. 

Associate Salvatore (Fat Sal) Delligatti was one of the more high-profile defendants in that case. Last March, a federal jury in Manhattan convicted him following a six-week trial. 

He was ultimately sentenced to 25 years. Delligatti had recruited a group of Crips members to murder Bonelli, only the gang members were stopped and arrested only blocks away from Bonelli’s house by FBI agents and cops from the Nassau County Police Department.