Bingy, Back In Springfield, Recalls How Genovese Crime Family Gave Him His Button

The former boss of the Genovese crime family's Springfield crew has been making recent moves that again show how much the Mafia of today has evolved from its roots: Indeed, "Bingy" is doing shit that would've been unthinkable not too many years back.

Former Springfield boss Anthony Arillotta
Bingy Arillotta from British GQ story....

Bingy of course is Anthony Arillotta, 51, the stone-cold killer and onetime boss of the Genovese crime family's outpost in Springfield, Mass., who flipped in 2010.

He departed the Witness Protection Program in 2017 when he finished his eight-year prison sentence -- and he reportedly moved back to Springfield...

He was quoted -- in USA TODAY no less -- speculating on the March shooting slaying of Gambino underboss Frank Cali. Speaking of suspected Cali killer Anthony Comello, Bingy said: "They'll kill that guy. Either way, there's going to be more violence."

And much more recently, he made a splash--albeit mostly overseas--in an explosive story in this month's British GQ magazine in which he discussed in detail how the Genovese crime family inducted him. (Disclosure: we provided editorial assistance to someone involved with that story.)

Witnesses have flipped and testified -- and moved back home. John Alite, for one, very vociferously did that. The difference is Bingy was once upon a time a made member. And a street boss. And he'd been deeply involved with the most powerful crime family in America, the Genovese crime family, the Ivy League of the American Mafia.

Quite coincidentally another Springfield crew member, Fotios (Freddy) Geas, incidentally one of Bingy's former shooters, who has been serving life (in fact, ever since Bingy testified against him at his 2011 trial with his brother and former Genovese acting boss Arthur (Artie) Nigro) also has made the news recently, though for entirely different reasons: Geas allegedly is a suspect in the vicious prison house murder of Whitey Bulger last October. We wonder if Geas's reported involvement paved the way for Bingy's recent media outreach efforts. Consider: Bingy would be an excellent source to inquire about Freddy's potential involvement in the Bulger murder.

Arillotta flipped shortly after his arrest in 2010 -- and after Bruno shooter Frankie Roche and mob heavy John Bologna had already turned on him. Arillotta copped to two murders and an attempted murder, all of which happened in 2003. He copped to engineering the murder of former Springfield boss Adolfo (Big Al) Bruno and his own former brother-in-law Gary Westerman, a Massachusetts gangster. He also pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a New York union boss.

Arillotta also admitted to various additional crimes during his connection with the "Springfield Crew" of the New York-based Genovese crime family, including drug dealing, extortion, and illegal weapons possession.

He escaped a mandatory life sentence in exchange for his cooperation.

One of the first things he discussed was the location of a body. Bingy led law enforcement investigators to Westerman's remains, which had been buried in a wooded lot in Agawam. His knowledge of the unmarked grave's location had been so precise, investigators only had to dig one hole -- and found all that they needed. That was seven years after the murder was committed.

Arillotta was the federal government's star witness in two separate mob murder trials in New York City in 2011 and 2012. One trial involved Nigro and the Geas brothers, Freddy and Ty. Nigro has since died and the brothers are serving life sentences. (Nigro, the former acting boss from the Bronx, N.Y., had sponsored Arillotta's rise in the Mafia.) Though it likely wouldn't make the brothers feel better, Arillotta, on the first day he began to proffer, offered to reach out to Freddy and Ty Geas to try to convince them to cooperate too. But the Fed's firmly told him: NO. He was told to make no such effort. Arillotta reportedly repeatedly expressed his disappointment that his former friends -- the Geases in particular -- were not pleading guilty because he did not want to see them spend the rest of their lives serving prison sentences.

In the second trial, he testified against Emilio Fusco, of Longmeadow, who was convicted and will be behind bars until 2032. On the stand Arillotta detailed his involvement in loan-sharking, beatings, beefs, and contract hits against strangers, friends, and family members. Arillotta told how he and Fusco had grabbed power over local Springfield rackets around the time of the Bruno hit.

Arillotta twice revealed to jurors the most unflattering details of his life, including sleeping with his former sister-in-law and killing his brother-in-law.

He helped cripple the Genovese crime family's activities in western Massachusetts, law enforcement officials have said of him.

In 2017, after he finished an eight-year sentence, Arillotta reportedly opted out of witness protection. As per sources, he was back in Springfield before May 1 of that year. He also had been spotted in the area, as per a MassLive report.

By then he was divorced and staying with family members in Springfield. Then he had "rebuffed" requests for interviews.

Sources told MassLive that Arillotta's former friends in law enforcement had urged him not to return to the area as the move posed multiple threats to his safety. 

These threats assumed the form of Genovese-linked mobsters, and friends and family members of Bingy's victims and ex-co-defendants.

To be continued.... 

If Anthony Arillotta reads this and wants to contact us, he could do so via email at cosanostranews at gmail dotcom... We guarantee complete anonymity....