Gang Land News Reports Luchese Capo Stevie Junior Will Cop Plea Deal In Meldish Slay Case

UPDATE: He also copped to plotting to kill a Bonanno associate, as reported since this story was written. We're positive we made the error and no one else...

In a standalone deal that extricates him from the long-running gangland murder case of Bronx -based mob associate Michael Meldish, reputed Luchese capo Steven (Stevie Junior) Crea has agreed to cop to racketeering and other charges, Gang Land News reported today.
Scene of Meldish slaying in 2013.

Prosecutors will seek a prison term of 13 years.

The elder Crea and three other alleged Luchese wiseguys charged with the murder are still scheduled to go to trial on October 2.

"The younger Crea is slated to plead guilty in White Plains Federal Court to three separate charges next week that do not include the November 15, 2013 murder of Meldish," Gang Land reported.

"The mob scion could return home in 2028 at the age of 56. Crea Jr., who was granted bail a year ago, would get credit for the 14 months he spent behind bars before his release. Judge Seibel set bail at $1 million after stating that the account of the rubout by the key witness against him, the drug abusing mob associate Frank Pasqua III, who had "mistakenly" fingered his own father for the rubout, was "totally wrong."