Greetings And Salutations, Etc.

A brief message from the guy who writes this blog:

Regular readers may have noticed that this blog went dark after we posted our October 20 story about the YouTube interview with Sammy Gravano.

No, nobody "tried to get to (us)!” to borrow Frank Costello'May 2, 1957 exhortation

A short unintended break from blogging turned into something else entirely when we caught some kind of bug last week. It totally knocked us on our ass, and only today, after a couple of false calls (in which we thought we were better, but each "recovery" was illusory), we were able to finally throw off the covers and successfully reach the desk....

We were having a really good streak last week, too, with one of our recent stories generating more than 30,000 page views in a single 24-hour period. 

Anyway, we deleted a couple of rambling paragraphs (they only lived minutes, actually; those now-deceased paragraphs died very young) -- and only want to tell you that we're back at it and hopefully will get something up later today.


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