Bikers Bloodied Up At Least Three Bonanno Wiseguys At Long Island Funeral Parlor, Gang Land Reports

Defense lawyers using the "musical consiglieris" defense in the courtroom apparently wasn't the only reason why Michael (Mikey Nose) Mancuso, boss of the Bonanno family, took the drastic step of expelling (aka shelving) his own acting boss and three others from the crime family back in 2019.

Michael (Mikey Nose) Mancuso
Mikey Nose Mancuso. Credit: Noah Goldberg/Daily News.

It also had something to do with betrayal: ex-acting boss Joseph (Joe C) Cammarano tried to take control of the crime family while Mikey Nose was still in prison, according to today's Gang Land News, which reports that details of Joe C's maneuvering against Mancuso came to light via testimony at the Bonanno racketeering trial

Gang Land also reported today that tensions between Mikey Nose and Joe C. ramped up significantly last week, to the extent that there was a big brawl at a Long Island funeral parlor during a wake for Cammarano's father-in-law, Vito Grimaldi. 

"Mikey Nose is a torpedo—a killer."

In what has to be a humiliating development for Mancuso, the "muscle" he sent to assault Joe C—after Joe C disobeyed Mancuso's order and showed up at the wake—wound up getting their asses kicked. We're referring here to at least two capos and a soldier who were left on the floor bloodied and battered. Remember that improbable scene in A Bronx Tale involving wiseguyse brawling with bikers in the bar and kicking their ass? Well, this was the opposite of that....

On July 19, Mikey Nose sent capos John (Johnny Mulberry) Sciremammano, 65, and Ernest (Ernie) Aiello, 42, and soldier John Spirito, Jr. 40, to bust up Grimaldi's wake at the Dodge-Thomas Funeral Home in Glen Cove in Nassau County on Long Island, Gang Land reports

The trio "attacked Cammarano as he approached the casket in full view of other family members of the deceased. The attack quickly went south for the Bonanno boys, however, when a swarm of bikers came to the aid of Cammarano, a longtime motorcycle enthusiast."

The bikers "charged in and wiped the floor with the Bonannos, and then they walked out," as a mob associate source told Gang Land.

"Now that this got out, something has to be done. Somebody has to save face somewhere."

As for the cause of the split between Mikey Nose and Joe C, Gang Land reports that "the dispute goes back to 2019, when Mancuso got his nose out of joint about trial testimony disclosing that Cammarano had tried to get family capos to anoint him as 'official' boss in 2017 while Mikey Nose was behind bars..."

Shelved with Joe C were reputed consigliere John (Porky) Zancocchio (with whom Joe C went to trial in 2019), Grimaldi and his son, Joseph Grimaldi. (Mancuso still valued Vito Grimaldi, who was a major earner via his Grimaldi's Home Of Bread, the legendary Ridgewood Queens bakery he owned and operated.)

John (Porky) Zancocchio
Zancocchio in FBI surveillance photo.

Mancuso finished a 15-year bid one day prior to Joe C and Porky winning stunning acquittals on racketeering and conspiracy charges in federal court in Manhattan after a two-week trial in March 2019. Their winning defense argued that the Mafia wasn't a thing anymore and hadn't been for years,. and that the duo had been unfairly profiled as gangsters because of their Italian ethnicity. However, as per Gang Land, something else also angered Mancuso: during the trial, to deflect from Zancocchio, the defense highlighted that several other Bonanno wiseguys had served as consigliere from 2012 to 2018, and Mancuso didn't appreciate the notion that he frequently replaced consiglieres.

"Nobody wants to be near them," a mob source told Cosa Nostra News today of Joe Cammarano and Porky, both of whom have apparently made themselves scarce. 

"I wouldn't get in a car with either of them."

The source added that he believes Mancuso could be behind another assault that happened in May or June this year involving Vinny Restivo, son of Bonanno wiseguy Louis Restivo, who operates a liquor store in Middle Village, Queens.

"They gave him a beating and busted up the store. Johnny Joe's son was part of that also, I heard. They cracked a champagne bottle over (Restivo's) head. He went to the hospital and got around 60 stitches."

After the beating, "I know (Restivo) was telling people in the neighborhood that some random black guy (had busted the place up) because Restivo didn't have in stock what the guy wanted."

"Vinny is close with Grimaldi and Joe Saunder's son (meaning Joe C)," the source added.

Louie Restivo, who died in 2015 at age 80, spent 10 years in prison after he took a plea deal in 2005. His charges included two murders.

Former Bonanno boss Joseph Massino and Louie Restivo were extremely tight back in the day. The two were business partners in Casablanca Restaurant in Maspeth, Queens, where Massino held court (and which the Federal government confiscated after he was convicted). Massino in fact installed Restivo as the official owner shortly after he opened the place. 

As for the current boss of the Bonannos, "Mikey Nose is a torpedo—a killer," the source said. "He's a very dangerous guy. When he came home (from prison after serving the prison sentence for murdering his wife) Salvatore (Chubby) Maiorino sponsored him right away. Basically, Mikey Nose is very feared."

As for what happened when Cammarano was acting boss, he said, "Michael thought he had a lap dog, but then the newspapers went to Joe C's head."

Discussing the brawl last week, he said, "they (the Bonanno wiseguys at the wake) were sent there just to watch and make sure nobody showed up who wasn't supposed to. But they knew (Joe C would) step on his dick because it was his father-in-law, but then it turned out, he had his own guys prepared.

"Now that this got out, something has to be done. Somebody has to save face somewhere. But the first blood drawn was Vinny Restivo. This was kind of brewing."

We last wrote about Mancuso when he was charged with parole violations after he was spotted meeting with several defendants in the ongoing case against the Colombos.