Anthony Ruggiano Junior's Reformed Gangsters Podcast Spotlights Rita Gigante

By Nick Christophers
Anthony Ruggiano Jr.'s Reformed Gangsters podcast recently featured Rita Gigante, the daughter of the late Genovese boss Vincent  (Chin) Gigante. (See podcast below.)

Anthony Ruggiano Junior and Rita Gigante.
Anthony Junior, all dressed up, left; Rita Gigante.

The podcast is hosted by owner Pasquale Cosenzo, who heads up Anthony Jr’s management team.

Anthony lived “the life” for many years (his father was near-legendary Gambino wiseguy Fat Andy, aka Anthony Ruggiano Sr,) but has since turned over a new leaf and lives a lawful life.
“I led a violent life and fell into drug addiction. As we say when you hit rock bottom is when you realize you need to make a difference. I ended getting clean going to school and becoming a counselor and felt I needed to help others to get back a normal life. Reformed Gangsters is a platform for just that purpose,” said Anthony.

Anthony was baptized into “the life” by his father Fat Andy. His father took him along to clubs where he met the likes of John Gotti Sr and Anthony “Tony Lee” Guerrieri. The flash and pizazz of the mob was very intoxicating for Anthony Jr who fell into the same footsteps of his father. 

(Editor's note: Cosa Nostra News has written and published a multi-part series on Fat Andy and Anthony Ruggiano Junior.)

Ruggiano Sr had his own café that Gambino wiseguys hung out in during the 60’s. By the 70’s he became a capo in the Castellano regime.

 In the 80’s his father operated in Florida, but the fun was soon interrupted when his boss, Paul Castellano was eliminated. Ruggiano Sr began to run with the Hell’s Angels biker gang till he was pinched and served a thirteen-year stint. Anthony Jr had fallen into drug abuse and was in an out of prison till he realized this was not a life he wanted to lead any longer. His father died in 1999.

“When I was in prison my father passed on. The crew that I was with began to show their true colors they were not of the same breed as my father. I knew I had to make some changes I was tired of going to prison and “the life” was becoming a joke. So, it was time for Anthony Jr to change his life.”

Hence, his creation of the show “Reformed Gangster,” which is a platform to educate and help all types of people to regain a positive footing in their life. The show has already partnered with a foundation to help people with drug addiction. Even though the show has only been around for two months it has begun to branch out and grow. In his recent segment as we mentioned he introduced the interesting and controversial Rita Gigante who shared her positive and negative moments that she had with her late father, Vincent “the Chin” Gigante. She not only shared her family experiences, but Anthony also offered his similar upbringing. After the segment Rita also offered an hour-long intro to her psychic healing process which is her current profession. 

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