Ex-Gambino Associate John Alite Also Photographed With Former President Donald Trump

Is there anyone Trump won't take a picture with?, we are beginning to wonder... with no offense to former Gambino associate John Alite, who also was snapped alongside the former president. (Only because Alite's pic was snapped last summer, we believe he beat Skinny Joey to the Trump train).

Donald Trump and former Gambino associate John Alite
John Alite, center, alongside DJT, who is keeping busy since his failed coup against the United States.

Alite confirmed the authenticity of the photograph, which was recently published in the UK's Independent, which reports that Alite these days describes himself as a political independent who supported Trump’s push for criminal justice reform.

Alite, who is a veteran podcaster—who we have written about here for years—also told the news site about some of the life changes he has experienced since departing the clink some 10 years back.

I'm a guy that's does TV, does movies, those talk shows, does talks for kids, works with the FBI, does events and talks with the FBI against the street to save kids lives. I do things with documentaries against drugs, openly against my past. So I'm a different guy,” he said.

He's also a guy who once reported directly to, and served as muscle for, former Gambino acting boss John (Junior) Gotti. And that's according to John Junior. (Ah, the good old days at Cosa Nostra News.)

Asked whether he believed Trump knew about his (Alite's) past when he posed for the photo with him, Alite told The Independent: “I assume he knows who I am, but possibly not.”

We spotted  the photo of Alite and Trump in the Independent after covering the pic of Trump posing alongside former Philadelphia mob boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino. 

Both photos probably resulted from the Trump campaign's ongoing inability to implement proper vetting protocols. Or any vetting protocols whatsoever.

Alite seems to agree with that assessment: “I just think he doesn't realize all the people he's taking a picture with because he recently took a picture of someone and I guarantee he doesn’t know who that person is,” he told the Independent.

A Trump spokesperson denied that the ex-president "has any awareness of the identity of people he is photographed with in informal settings." (Is that an honest-to-god brag? Idiot.)

“President Trump takes countless photos with people. That does not mean he knows every single person he comes into contact with,” the spokesperson said.

The Independent further noted that "Despite the denials from Mr Trump’s campaign, it’s possible that he knew of both Mr Alite and Mr Merlino. Both were active in organised crime circles in the 1980s and 1990s, when Mr Trump was active in New York City real estate development."

Who's next? Stevie Newell?