Former Bonanno Capo Dom Cicale's Debut Podcast To Focus On Plot To Take Out Mikey Nose

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An unassuming Instagram post will lead curious mob watchers to some potential intrigue, assuming they value recent Bonanno crime family history.

Dominick Cicale will recall his past history with Mikey Nose
Dom Cicale's podcast will debut next week.

The Instagram post touts an upcoming podcast by former Bonanno capo Dom Cicale. Cicale briefly mentioned the podcast, Mafia RoundTable, in a recent story we did on some of his legit post-Cosa Nostra doings.

Cicale is planning to launch the podcast series with an historical bang: The debut episode, to be posted online next week on Valentine’s Day, will touch on secret codes, schtupping a Luchese soldier’s wife, issues of trust—and plotting against Michael (Mikey Nose) Mancuso (who is the official top Banana on the street today). It is quite the devious, twisted little plot, as Dom tells it—replete, in all its sociopathic splendor, with a manufactured fall guy. 

In addition to the podcast, Dom has something else potentially in the works with another podcaster, category killer (you could call him) Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano.

“Sammy and I recently got together, and we may do something together in the next couple of months,” Cicale said.

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming Mafia RoundTable. (The following is lacking certain details that Dom presumably wants to save for the actual podcast itself.)

Back in the early aughts, the man helming the Bonanno family was Bronx-based Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano. (Longtime readers will recall that Cicale has alleged for years that Vinny B was official Bonanno boss, all contradictory sources notwithstanding. Cicale is sticking to his guns about that.)

After Vinny was pinched (on November 19, 2004, pursuant to a racketeering conspiracy indictment), he elevated Mancuso to acting boss. Cicale said he was tapped to support Mancuso.

He explained: “After Vinny was taken into custody, Mike and I had everything under control, and things were to move ahead. Mike had the final word, and I was the muscle and would back Mike should anyone challenge Mike.”

Bonanno pow-wow with Dom Cicale, Vinny Basciano, and Anthony Donato.
From left: Dom Cicale, Vinny Basciano, and Anthony Donato.

That simple plan didn’t take long to degenerate into conflict.

“Mike wanted to make changes and disregard Vinny’s instructions. Mike even was questioning the messages that Vinny and Fat Joe (Massino) were sending me.”

Then Mancuso started questioning how Cicale was getting those messages—something Cicale says he’d been expressly told not to reveal.

"Mike kept pressing me on how I was getting these messages, so you can only imagine what was going on between Mike and me verbally..”

Then during a walk-talk with Mancuso, “I asked Mike if he was Okay, then went into ‘Are you out of your fucking mind?’ Mike looked at me in disbelief, and then I said, ‘Why did you smack that kid (Frankie) on Tremont Avenue. That kid is totally harmless and would NEVER raise his hands to anyone or ever be disrespectful.’ All Mike said was that he did not like the way the kid was speaking to him. My response: 'What! So you crack someone for that reason?’”

(Why did Mancuso slap the kid, we asked. “No reason. Mike was flexing his new power.”)

“In my eyes, Nose lost a ton of points for what he did to a harmless kid—just to puff out his chest.”

The situation between Mancuso and Cicale didn’t improve. Cicale eventually felt compelled to tell him: “Do you have a f—ing problem with me, because if you do, we can address it now anyway you like.”

I sent word into Vinny that ... I feel like a sitting duck... Vinny knew what I meant and sent word back—and I will quote: "326."

A few weeks later, “Mike met with me and changed all our meeting locations for future walk-talks, and there were locations I was unfamiliar with. I was adamant when I told him, “No, we will keep our current meeting locations for now until I check out (the unfamiliar) spots and familiarize myself with the surroundings of those locations.”

“After that meeting, I sent word into Vinny that “the washerwoman” is acting up, and I feel like a sitting duck with him. Vinny knew what I meant and sent word back—and I will quote: “326.”

(What, excuse the language, the f— is 326? we asked. "That was Vinny’s term for 1, 2, 3–meaning, let’s do this quick. Handle it.”)

“The hit was on and I had my hit team picked, and we were ready to move in on him. The hit was set for February 14, 2005, yes Valentine’s Day. M Nose would be sleeping with the fishes. We would leave him outside his girlfriend’s home in the Bronx as he was leaving her for the evening.”

Shades of Tommy Ryan?

“All fingers would point to Luchese family member Joseph (Joey Relay) Lubrano—for M Nose went with, and was current with, Lubrano’s wife when Lubrano was locked up. So, after many years, Joey finally grew some balls and took M Nose out,” went the thinking.

But the plotting was interrupted and yanked out by the roots—by the Feds no less.

"Thanks to our wonderful federal government, I was locked up in January of 2005.”