Lohan Cast In Another Mob Film

A happy foursome: Two actors, one
gangster and one --- what? Novelist?
Reality show star? Former columnist?
Fiore Films seems to be giving the struggling Lindsay Lohan a new lease in life.

In addition to playing the role of Kim Gotti, in the pending "Gotti: Three Generations," she is now starring in another Fiore Film that also takes place in the world of Cosa Nostra, called "Mob Street."

(Is Monsieur Marc(k) a bachelor, we are starting to wonder... )

Based on a true story centered on the mafia’s involvement in Wall Street during the ’90s, the movie will focus on mobsters entrenched in the financial world who “lived like movie stars, drinking Cristal and walking arm in arm with the most beautiful women in the world. Money, sex, cars, yachts, magnificent mansions, and beach homes were at their disposal… until everything came crashing down," according to the production company’s website

Marc Fiore, president of Fiore Films, noted Lohan's participation in both films in a statement issued to Access Hollywood to clear up erroneous reports that the troubled actress would not be starring in the Gotti family project with John Travolta and Al Pacino (and Joe Pesci).

READ MORE: Lindsay Lohan Cast In Another Mob Film (omg!) | US News Weekly

AND MORE: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. Travolta's a gangster scientologist? Lindsay will be forced into scientology then she will be worse off than she was.

  2. I'm really excited about this. In fact, constipated with excitement. Lol.


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