Operation 'Acabar' Breaks OC Drug Ring

A major police operation named Acabar has broken up a drug ring that supplied organized criminal drug brokers for more than a decade in Montreal and the United States, according to an article in The Montreal Gazette.

Some 450 police officers conducted 39 raids on and around Montreal Island on Thursday, seizing 150,000 pills of ecstasy, $1 million in cash and $300,000 U.S. in cash, Montreal police police Commander Denis Mainville said Friday. They also seized one firearm, two kilograms of cocaine and 1.3 kilos of marijuana. Two pot grow ops were also raided, one in St. Colombian in the Laurentians another in the Mirabel area.

Fifteen people were arrested, including 12 men and three women. On Friday 10 people, ages 21 to 55, were arraigned at the Montreal courthouse on charges including drug trafficking, conspiracy, possession for the purposes of trafficking, producing cannabis and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Two men charged were already being detained on unrelated charges.

Five were released on promises to appear on future dates.

Three of those arrested were being sought by Canadian immigration officials, one for extradition and another for illegal entry into Canada.

Mainville, head of the police organized crime unit, said those arrested included the ring's reputed leader.

"This was a Dominican gang that supplied drugs to the Mafia, to biker gangs and street gangs," he said. "We knew some of these people had been operating in Montreal for 10 to 15 years."


Mainville said the arrests will put a major dent in an ecstasy and cocaine trafficking network between Montreal and the U.S.

Thursday's raids involved officers from the Montreal police, the Sûreté du Québec, the RCMP, other local police and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.