Poll: Majority Want Pesci to Play 'Gaspipe,' Not 'Quack-Quack' Ruggiero

Cosa Nostra News poll taken in the past week reveals that a majority of respondents would have preferred to see Joe Pesci play Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso rather than Angelo "Quack-Quack" Ruggiero.

Some 52%, or 56 respondents, said they'd prefer to see Pesci play Gaspipe rather than Ruggiero; 26%, or 28 respondents, would have preferred the former Goodfellas actor portray Ruggiero. Some 19%, or 21 respondents, said they'd rather not see Pesci take on either role, and 1%, or two people, thought he'd do well in either role.

Which mobster would you prefer Joe Pesci play in the upcoming 'Gotti' biopic?
Angelo Ruggiero
  28 (26%)
Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso
  56 (52%)
  21 (19%)
  2 (1%)

Votes so far: 107
Poll closed 

It's probably not hard to figure this one out, as Gaspipe would make quite an exciting cinematic character. He was a violent, murderer -- a killer Mafioso straight out of central casting -- who was beset upon by assassins, and who himself was behind the assassination of many fellow mobsters, and even citizens. He was not at all afraid to get blood on his own hands, either.

Ruggiero, on the other hand, was not the brightest mobster in the world, and any status he attained was due to his relationship with John Gotti. He was the quintessential, know-it-all big mouth, known for being jealous and starting a lot of problems inside the Gambino family, which he in fact ultimately helped bring down The FBI should have paid him a stipend. In the end, cancer killed him before the wrath of the Gambino boss who has once been his lifelong friend; in fact, Gotti so reviled his former right-hand man, he never once visited the dying Gambino mobster.

Thinking his daughter's pink Princess phone was safe because he had put it on a separate line -- it indeed was not safe -- the Gambino mobster spoke freely on it about anyone and anything. The Feds obtained such a wealth of information from the Ruggiero bug, which gave them cause to tap even more mobsters' phones.

Gaspipe, on the other hand, is far more interesting in our opinion -- and it seems, the opinions of many of our readers. A psychotic Luchese mobster, Anthony Gaspipe Casso ran the Luchese family with Vic Amuso for a time, back in the late 1980s-early 1990s. The voilent duo launched a blood purge within their borgata, cleaning house. They did this by whacking many a Luchese mobster who was branded a rat -- even if the information was not true. So deep was Casso's bloodlust, he seriously pondered taking out the entire New Jersey wing of the Luchese family.

Casso's deadly "scoops" were based on data obtained via the notorious Mafia cops. (An FBI agent also was supposedly on his payroll; this agent has never been identified.) Casso was quick to kill, stole a fortune, but in the end was brought down in part by his own paranoia and the utter fear he provoked in others -- many Luchese mobsters became informants; some, like Al D'Arco, who was acting boss for a spell under Casso and Amuso, weren't even in trouble with the law when they came in from the cold. Gaspipe, after trying himself to flip, and failing, will never see the light of day. 

He, along with the Chin Gigante, the legendary, now-deceased Genovese boss, likely will be the key villains in the Gotti flick, as they surreptitiously tried to assassinate Gotti at least once, and took out at least three of Johnny Boy's closest associates.


  1. the grim reaper & lindaAug 18, 2011, 1:40:00 PM

    Neither bum is interesting. One a loud mouthed bum who inherited his brothers heroin importing ring and ran it aground. A loud mouth who brought down all around him. The second a blood thirsty wanna be who the press has made more of then his deeds warrant. Two such dogs should be left to sleep in anonymity



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