Gotti Biopic Sinking Due to Lack of Funding?

Junior and his producers have reportedly
hit a financial snag that may hold up the
making of the biopic about his legendary
The upcoming Gotti biopic that Fiore Films is producing is on hold, according to several published reports (see at the bottom of this post for links to several articles about the film's production being halted.)

We first reported on Junior's Hollywood venture back in January: You can also search this site for several additional stories written, following the production's progress.

Financial issues seem to be the culprit, according to many of the reports work on the project has come to a halt and won’t resume until more financing is secured. reports that "the film has been 'plagued' by financial problems since the start. Now, the promised overseas funds have yet to materialize, halting the project to move into filming. Production was set to begin in January, but now bogged down with problems, that is unlikely."

The film’s producers are also facing a legal battle with Joe Pesci, who is suing Fiore over allegations he was offered a $3 million deal to play Angelo Ruggiero, an associate of Gotti, but was later told he would be given a smaller part, for a smaller salary -- that of Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso. (He tried to kill pops, maybe he'll succeed in killing his son's film instead...)

But, we must give both sides of the story, and of about 40 articles on the 'net saying the film is on hold for the foreseeable future, there is one report on, titled Gotti biopic ‘still on course.

According to this article: Movie bosses insist the John Gotti biopic is “very much moving forward”.

Rumours have circulated that the project was in jeopardy after experiencing financial problems. However, Fiore Productions – who are producing the movie – have hit back at the reports, revealing the film is going ahead.

"The Gotti film is very much moving forward and we are still expecting a late 2012 theatrical release," Fiore Productions publicist Steve Honig told

Honig also says big names are still attached to Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father.

John Travolta will portray John Gotti Sr., with Al Pacino and Kelly Preston also in the cast. Lindsay Lohan is set to appear, but reportedly hasn’t yet signed a contract.

"Everyone is still attached to the film. I am not commenting on anything to do with financing though," Honig added.

The movie has been hit by legal woes.

Earlier this year, Joe Pesci filed a lawsuit against Fiore Films, the studio making the hotly anticipated movie about crime boss John Gotti and his family.

Pesci alleged he had been hired to play Angelo Ruggiero, a role which required gaining 30 lbs. and would see him earn $3 million. The actor claims he was then given a lesser role and offered just $1 million.

Marc Fiore, CEO of Fiore Films, has attempted to resolve the situation.

He hopes the matter will be settled soon and that Pesci will still appear in the movie.

"For the record, I am extremely fond of Joe, I think he is a terrific actor and very much want him to be in the Gotti movie,” Fiore said last week. “It’s unfortunate we have become embroiled in a lawsuit, however I am hopeful that we will resolve our differences and Joe will accept an offer from us to be in the film.”Filming is scheduled to begin in New York City in January 2012.

Stories about the film's problems: