The Mobsters the 'Wives' Are Related to

Mob Wives Season 2 premieres on Jan. 1, 2012. The Season 1 cast -- Carla Facciolo, Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano and Drita D’avanzo -- will all be back, according to VH1.

We found an article on Helium that nicely recaps how each of the Mob Wives are related to the mob, either through their husbands or fathers. Interestingly, Cosa Nostra News was one of the first sites to "break" the news that Carla's Dad is Louis "Bagels" Daidone. But there seems to be a dispute about the identity of her father; I can't say for sure Daidone is her father, as Carla supposedly has denied this; when I first ran that item, I had a couple of sources backing me up. I will continue working on this -- when I have the time. But one thing I can't figure out -- why would someone make that up? What would be the reason for saying an old chieftain in the Luchese family is her father if he is not?

Anyway, with the debut a couple of months away we know that some of you will want to bone up on the show's background, who is related to whom, etc. You likely won't find a better-written recap than the one we stumbled across right here: TV show reviews: Mob Wives - Helium


  1. As for your comment " Interestingly, Cosa Nostra News was one of the first sites to "break" the news that Carla's Dad is Louis "Bagels" Daidone"

    The only interesting thing about this is the widespread misinformation on the internet. Carla's father is Louis Facciolo NOT Louis Diadone. So, if you were the first to report it was Diadone, then you didn't break any news, you were misinformed and spread the wrong information.

  2. First of all, I was not the first -- I was one of the first. And just because you say it, Mrs. Soprano, doesn't make it true. What proof do you have? Even Wikipedia IDs Bagels as her father... And BTW, why is she so quiet about the ID of certain of her relatives? I have heard a story why. The bottom line: You wants to be on reality TV --then your life becomes public domain. Can't have your cake and eat it, too.

  3. My proof is that Carla Facciolo, herself, was asked by one of my bloggers about who her father is and she answered; even you would agree that she should know who her father is. Wikipedia is not fool proof since anyone can enter anything there and it is not verified. I agree with you that when you put your life out there you have to lose your privacy, however, I am about getting the facts straight that are put out there.

  4. I tend to get over-heated when debating other bloggers, and I have enough stress in my life. I think I will refrain from commenting on my own blog. I will make ever effort to get to the bottom of the Daidone story.

  5. Ok, maybe I should have been a little more tactful in offering you the information. You may not find it online, outside of our blog, but I can assure you it came from Carla herself. Also, ask yourself why Renee uses her father's last name, as does Karen, and Drita her husband's last name...why not Carla. She is not using her husband's last name she is using her maiden name and it's not Diadone. I'll refrain from correcting your blogs in the future. Peace and I hope your stress eases up.

  6. What a hoot? EVL I am the blogger who speaks to Carla Facciolo on occasion. First, we researched who Carla's father was. With all of our research we narrowed it down to two men who happened to be brothers. We researched it more through public records and was 90% sure it was Louis Facciolo and not his brother Bruno Facciolo. During an interview with Mrs. Facciolo-Ferragamo she opens up a bit about her uncle Bruno & father Louis. I hope you give the interview a read.

    Moving along, I believe my blogging partner was trying to help you and not trump you.

    Moving along Louis Diadone was convicted for killing Bruno Facciolo which was a mob hit. I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions you can contact us @ anytime. I hope you have a great day.


  7. Excuse the typos, LOL.


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