Bonanno Capo/Father of 'Mob Wives' 'Star' Back in Prison

The Little Guy...
T.G., The Little Guy or whatever you want to call him was one foot out of the clink before he was thrown back in. That suuucks!!
Renee, second from the right, is the
daughter on the show dad T.G.
won't watch.

This comes from  THE RANT Forum:  Anthony Graziano may not approve of his daughter's "Mob Wives" reality show, but it looks as though he has given its producers fodder for another season of Mafia melodrama.

Graziano, 71, of Huguenot, a reputed one-time consigliere of the Bonanno crime family, has been tossed back in federal prison on extortion charges, just a few months after he was released from a halfway house and placed under house arrest.

He was busted earlier today for attempting to collect a years-old loansharking debt, federal prosecutors allege.

The Staten Island gangster, who has gone by the nicknames "TG" and "the Little Guy," is the father of Renee Graziano, one of the four stars of VH1's "Mob Wives," which returns in January.

Anthony's arrest comes just a day after Renee's ex-husband, Hector Pagan Jr., and another Islander were charged with knocking over a mob-run card game in Travis in 2009.

All three arrests were made as part of a probe by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Graziano was caught twice on a wire talking about the old debt with a confidential informant, according to a federal warrant for his arrest, and ultimately agreed to cut the debtor some slack in exchange for a smaller payout and a promise of fealty.


  1. How bizarre is it that someone can be arrested for extortion for taking a huge loss on money lent and assuring the borrower that he'll be safe and not hurt? If that's the case, every tax collector and banker should be locked up. Just stupid, but ignored by the public because it is an organized crime figure being abused.


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