Luchese Boss Louie Bagels Whacked a Guy and Stuffed a Canary in His Mouth

Carla Facciolo appeared on the Joy Behar show and identified her father for the audience, stating that he was not a mobster.
Louis "Bagels" Daidone murdered the uncle of
Mob Wife Carla Facciolo, then stuffed a canary in
his mouth. The family thought Facciolo was a rat
-- but he wasn't.

Carla identified her uncle as Bruno Facciolo and her father is Louis Facciolo.

To wit, according to the Behar transcript, which another blogger found, we read the following:

BEHAR: So was your father -- your family, were they in the mob?

FACCIOLO: No. My father wasn't in the mob.

BEHAR: Your father was not?


BEHAR: So what`'s your connection to the Mafia?

FACCIOLO: Well, they say that my uncle was involved. 

There must be two Louis Facciolos then:

From a January 1997 FBI news release:

An elaborate FBI sting starring a daring agent who posed as a big-time fence came to a spectacular end yesterday with charges against 47 alleged thieves and gangsters, including the proposed new boss of the Gambino crime family. 
The agent lured crooks to a bogus Brooklyn social club where they were caught on audio and video tape discussing deals involving nearly $6 million worth of stolen property some of which was stored in a nearby warehouse secretly rented by the FBI. 
The fence-playing agent was so persuasive he became a close associate of several Gambino henchmen including Leonard DiMaria, the capo of a Canarsie-based crew controlled by Nicholas (Little Nick) Corozzo, who was only recently tapped to succeed the jailed John Gotti as Gambino boss. ... 
A gangster turncoat secretly cooperating with the FBI introduced the agent to Gambino mobster Louis Facciolo three years ago, identifying him as a friend of a dead brother, sources said. 
The agent ingratiated himself with Facciolo and ultimately DiMaria by portraying himself as a veteran fence with the money and contacts to dispose of whatever stolen goods thieves could send his way. 
"It took a while, well over a year, for him to earn his bona fides, to make his bones," Kallstrom said. "These fellows don't take new friends easily."...
All told, six soldiers of three Mafia families, plus 19 associates of the Gambino family, were arrested. The others arrested yesterday included many out-of-state thieves unlucky enough to have stumbled over a fence in Brooklyn.

Louis (Louie Bagels, Crossbay Louie) Daidone and a Luchese hit team murdered a Luchese soldier believed to have been an informant. The guy wasn't a rat, it turned out, but certain people believed he was, and Daidone was under orders to send a Mafia message with the murder: he was told to stuff a canary in the soldier's mouth. The soldier's name was Bruno Facciolo.

The story of the murder, as related in Selwyn Raab's Five Families, is that Facciolo, knowing he was done for, had one final request, which his killers denied: "Facciolo begged a last favor -- a telephone call to bid farewell to his daughter." No name was given for the daughter.

Here is an FBI report on the murder that does not include mention of Bruno's last request:

On 6/29/04, Louis Daidone, Acting Boss of the Luchese Organized Crime Family, aka Louie Bagels, aka Louie Cross Bay, was sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole, for murdering two suspected mob informers and for a long-term loansharking conspiracy.

It's quite a story.

Louie Daidone started his career with the Luchese Family in the early 1980s as a Soldier. You know--the Luchese Family, founded by Gaetano "Three Fingers Brown" Luchese in New York with strongholds in East Harlem and Bronx and specializing in illegal gambling, loansharking, labor racketeering, truck hijacking, drug dealing, things like that.

He rose quickly to Acting Capo, then Consigliere, and finally Acting Boss. But along the way he left his fingerprints on some episodes of classic mob justice.

In 1989, he and two associates, under orders, tailed small-time mob car thief Tom (Red) Gilmore to his home in Queens, then ran up behind him and shot him in the head and neck. Why? He was suspected of singing to us feds.

Then, in 1990, Luchese Acting Boss Alphonse D'Arco called him in: Bruno Facciola is a rat, D'Arco said, Boss Vittorio Amuso wants him whacked. So Daidone made plans.

First he got a dead canary and put it in the freezer. Then he arranged with two associates to lure Facciola to a garage. When Facciola saw his welcoming committee, he ran--but Daidone chased him down and dragged him back, where he was stabbed, shot in the head and both eyes, and had that defrosted canary stuffed in his mouth to prove that "you sing to the feds, you're going to get your head blown off." The body was found in Brooklyn, days later, stuffed into the trunk of his own car.

Was Facciola a rat? Apparently not. Didn't matter.

[Ed. note: This was during Gaspipe's Rein of Terror.]

The long arm of the law. It took time to get the evidence needed to make Louie Bagels accountable for his crimes--time and people willing to testify. But Daidone was arrested in March 2003, following a joint FBI-NYPD investigation. He was convicted in January 2004, and sentenced this week. Case closed.


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  2. If you have never read the book, The Ice Man, you should. It will clear up a great deal as far as murders go, those sanctioned by the mob and those that were not. Richard Kuklinski(spelling), was the ice man and was known as such for having taken bodies and freezing them to throw law enforcement off as to the time of death.

  3. There are alot of contradictions in that book. Richard Kuklinski said he.was involved in many hits but when you read about the hits themselves and all involved, Kuklinski is never mentioned. He takes credits for hits he had nothing to do with.


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