Were Ramona, Karen Friends Before 'Mob Wives'?

More interesting stuff on Ramona from one of our favorite reality-TV websites: All About The Real Housewives:

As most of you know Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo previously lived in the Middle East, somewhere in Jordan. Ramona married a man and had 4 children with him and when things didn’t work out, moved to Staten Island and moved in with her boyfriend who she only knew for a few weeks. A former friend of Ramona who would like to remain anonymous tells AllAboutTRH exclusively that in the many years she’s known Ramona, Karen’s name was never brought up!

Ramon Rizzo, newest "Mob Wife" who is not a mobster's wife.
“I’ve known Ramona for many years. Ramona moved out to Staten Island with her kids in 2009. When I knew Ramona never once did she ever mention Karen’s name or ever communicate with her.”


The source also says, “Ramona wanted to be on the show so badly and became friends with Drita and actually hung out with her a few times. She randomly stopped being friends with her and got close with Karen so they could tag-team on Drita.”

Interesting…so Ramona never even mentioned Karen to friends and family yet they are ‘close cousins?’ As the days go on I learn that Ramona is a bigger phony then I eventhought was possible! It’s quite clear that after Ramona got divorced, she moved here had nothing and had to think fast on what she could do. She desperately wanted to be on the show and that’s probably why she acts like a crazy fool on TV. Drama brings ratings!I personally think Ramona is the biggest phony to ever be on reality television. Thoughts?

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