Mobsters Corner Turncoat Hill, Shoot Him Dead

"I'm gonna die at 69? Cool! Ha! Ha!"
Sorry, loyal readers, I just couldn't resist. This is the headline so many of you wanted to read, really, really badly...

Henry Hill, a low level drug-dealing associate of the Lucchese family,  assumed a high-profile position as a mobster that he never rightly earned simply because he "rolled" for the police.

Hill, whose life was the inspiration for the book "Wiseguy," which served as the basis for the theatrical film "Goodfellas" by Martin Scorcese, was clipped by natural causes (for a lifelong drunk and drug addict that is)  on June 12, 2012. He was 69, and probably would have gotten a good laugh out of dying at that age, which had to be his favorite number.

As for how he died, so far, the only official word is "Hill's girlfriend tells TMZ that the ex-gangster's heart 'gave out.'

Hmmm. Richard Kuklinski, the Walter Mitty of the mob, who pretended to be a hit man for the Gambinos (we think he murdered people -- but not for money, rather for the hell of it, or as the Brits say, for shits and giggles), claimed to have killed a variety of men by giving them heart attacks. Coincidence? Very, very highly likely.

May he rest in peace; luckily for him, not in pieces.

(Hey, had it not been for Hill, we wouldn't have Goodfellas.)


  1. Wait. What? You are getting nostalgic for a member of an awful criminal enterprise as he was responsible for assisting in the creation a dramatic reenactment of his activity? For your entertainment? This is where I just don't get it: something really bad happens and you fucks are out there 10 minutes later pitching your screenplay(s) so we can watch it Ad infinitum. I'll admit to watching said movies but only to remind myself how these brutal people ruined so many things.

    1. Ayiyi. Brutal people when it was called for but the family values and protection of the sanctity of community were there now what do we have. We walk out our doors n every kid under the sun black white n yellow think they belong to " yo mtv raps " w their pants off there ass talkin some made up jive ass language. Illl take the paulie cicceros over these shmoogs anyday


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